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Zimbabwe’s Marange Diamonds December 2018 Report


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President Mnangagwa has pledged to deliver a new era of stabilisation and growth for Zimbabwe.

Carefully managed, the country’s diamond sector may have much to offer in stimulating economic recovery and contributing to development and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Our new briefing shows that it is only through a concerted effort to overhaul the industry based on principles of transparency and accountability, that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated and the Zimbabwean people will see real benefit from their precious natural resource.



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  • “However, rather than injecting much-needed life into an economy in severe decline, Zimbabwe’s diamonds were ruthlessly exploited by the elite under the Mugabe-led government and came to be far better known for their association with human rights abuses, corruption and looting,” said globalwitness.

    This is very true, the discovery of diamonds has enabled Zanu PF to bankroll extensive and very expensive vote rigging and vote buying schemes that have help the regime remain in power. So instead of the bounty from diamonds being a blessing, povo’s salvation, it has become the people’s curse as it paid well those keeping them in servitude!