12-06-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s finance minister reflects on currency crisis

Quest Means Business

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

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  • Minister Ncube still says Zimbabwe will reduce public sector wage bill and yet last week he admitted the regime has no money to pay the redundancy packages.

    He also insist government has zero tolerance on corruption and yet the regime has not arrest even one individual involved in the looting of diamonds. Mugabe admitted the country was swindled of $15 billion in diamond revenue in the period 2008 to 2014.

    Everyone knows the swindling in Marange and Chiadzwa has continued to this day.

    Minister Ncube can insist all he wants that Zimbabwe in making progress, everyone knows that the country is sinking deeper and deeper into this hell-on-earth Zanu PF landed the nation. The biggest lie Minister Ncube has ever said was that this Zanu PF regime was legitimate; he knows that the party rigged the elections.

    We need to be honest with ourselves and stop this foolish practice of burying our heads in the sand when it comes to the burning issues of the day. And as long as the country remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs the country will continue to sink deeper and deeper into this abyss.