07-15-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans Respond To “2030 Ndeendichipo” Remarks By Mnangagwa”

No laughing matter: Zimbabwe leader, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.


Zimbabweans expressed feelings on the “2030 ndeendichipo” (I’ll still be there in 2030) remarks by president Emmerson Mnangagwa. The remarks which have been interpreted to mean that he will be still the president of Zimbabwe resonate with what he said in June 2018. Last year, Mnangagwa said that he was convinced that he will still be the president in 2030.

Many social media users found the remarks funny that they laughed and shared the video to their friends. Typical Zimbabweans!

Others, however, expressed their confusion and asked for a deeper explanation from the president. They revealed that the constitution does not allow one to run for more than two terms so Mnangagwa’s remarks were not clear as to whether he meant that he would be still alive or in power.

Brian Tamuka Kagoro, a Zimbabwean lawyer who was instrumental in the formation of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, is one of those who seemed vexed by the remarks. Posting on Twitter, Kagoro said: #AfricanLivesMatter @edmnangagwa H.E. did you mean you would still be alive or you would still be ruling? Because mathematically, if elected for first term in 2018 (ends 2023), if you get another term of 5 years (ends in 2028).In 2030? It can’t @ali_naka @matigary @Wamagaisa


The tweet was retweeted by a fellow lawyer and MDC Secretary for Education, advocate Fadzayi Mahere, suggesting that she was also in the same bracket as that of Kagoro.

One user, Fred Twala, was however clear that ED, as president Mnangagwa is popularly known, meant that he will still be the Zimbabwean president in 2030. Twala said:

ED is the president for life! After him, we vote for his wife.

This interpretation was shared by another Twitter user, Allan Chidziva, who tweeted:

We are being psychologically prepared to buckle for another 12-year ride. That is what dictators do, that was deliberate.

Others suggested that for Mnangagwa to be still in power, the ruling party would have to amend the national Constitution to accommodate Mnangagwa since the current one does not provide for more than two terms.



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