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Zimbabwe Sixth most lawless country in the World?

Rule of Law Index 2016

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These are the world’s most lawless countries, according to the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law index.

The index judges how the rule of law is experienced by members of the public in everyday situations in 113 countries and jurisdictions.

It measures a number of indicators, including constraints on government power, levels of corruption, security, open government and criminal justice, to consider how laws are used and enforced.

The WJP uses the testimonies of local residents and legal experts to compile their data – the aim being to accurately collate the experiences of the general population, including marginalised groups.

Denmark was found to be the most lawful country, demonstrating the strongest adherence to the rule of law, and the UK was tenth.

In the most lawless countries, the report found that criminal activity goes unchecked, laws are not applied equally, corruption is apparent, and foreign investment does not reach the people who needed it.

These are the ten countries where the rule of law was applied the least effectively.


10. Bolivia

This South American country was found to have high levels of corruption and very poor criminal justice.


9. Uganda

Levels of corruption in Uganda are among the highest in the world. Order and security were also found to be low.


8. Pakistan

Of all the countries included in the index, Pakistan had the lowest levels of order and security. Enforcement of regulation was also found to be a major problem.


7. Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government performed poorly in terms of openness. The report found that laws and government data were not properly published and that complaint mechanisms were substandard.


6. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is infamous for corruption, and issues were found within the legislature, judiciary, military and police. The country also performed worst globally for fundamental rights for citizens.


5. Cameroon

Corruption was found to be rife in Cameroon, and order and security were both woefully low.


4. Egypt

The Egyptian government is the least open in the world, according to the WJP’s index, with pitiful rights the information dragged the rating down.


3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s residents experienced poor civil justice and reported high levels of governmental corruption.


2. Cambodia

Civil justice in Cambodia is the worst in the world – laws are not effectively enforced and access to help without discrimination is poor.


1. Venezuela

Venezuela was found to be the most lawless country in the world. Criminal justice is at the lowest level in the world, and there is little constraint on the power of the government. Regulatory enforcement was also the lowest found by the index.

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