06-11-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Receives Over 2,000 Young Elephant Orders – Top Official


HARARE – A top National Parks official in Zimbabwe says the country has had over 2,000 orders placed for young elephants.

Zimbabwe, like Botswana, insisted it had too many elephants and wanted to be able to use the animals to raise money for conservation.

National Parks director Fulton Mangwanya didn’t specify who wanted Zimbabwe’s young elephants, but he did say Zimbabwe received over 2,000 orders.

Since 2012, Zimbabwe exported more than 90 young elephants to China and Dubai.

But the exports triggered outrage from animal rights activists who said it was cruel.

The National Parks official told a parliamentary committee that ZimParks took the decision to scale back on the exports because of the very loud opposition to the programme.

Zimbabwe insisted its national parks had far too many elephants and at a summit in Botswana last month, Zimbabwe agreed with some of its neighbours to push for a cites ban on the ivory trade to be lifted.


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