02-14-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe ready to be assessed by African Union- SB Moyo

Zimbabwe says it will open itself to scrutiny when it’s due to be assessed by the African Union’s Peer Review Mechanism. Speaking on the margins of the recent AU summit in Ethiopia, Zimbabwean Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said the country would probably rate better than other APRM signatories. Zimbabwe and Namibia are the latest two countries to join.



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  • Africa has some serious problems and unity for unity’s sake is not going to get us anywhere.

  • Is this the same AU that is incapable of extraditing the “Butcher of Addis Ababa” ,Haile Miriam Mengistu to Ethiopia ?
    Is this the same AU that was so weak and pathetic that they couldn’t reign in Robert Mugabe from destroying His own Agricultural Economy after committing genocide in the 1980’s ?
    AU …You are a pathetic joke ! a loose collection of “Banana Republicans” who love photo opportunities and are good fro precious little else !
    Incapable of acting on the truth ! In fact You wouldn’t know what doing the right thing entails…such is Your stupidity !