02-13-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Reaches Out To Russia As Command Agriculture Flops

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  • Good day
    I am an irrigation designer and product supplier. I have everything that the tobacco and other intensive crop production systems need to produce.
    I am based in South Africa, your neighboring sister country, where 3 million Zimbabweans fled to to just survive (and feeding thousands back home on a waiters wage).
    I want to do business in Zimbabwe in the Agricultural irrigation sector, but just these three factors stop me from doing so:
    1. How do I get the products into Zimbabwe, thru any border post, without being taxed and bribed and robbed by paid government officials to the extent that the ‘import taxes’ works out to be more than 6x the value of the products (and that was in 2016)?
    2. If delivered to site, wherever in Zimbabwe, who will guarantee that those products (especially things like the pumps, filters, which has a lot of metal components) are not stolen by 2 million + people that is starving themselves, and cannot wait till the harvest is there in 90 days time?
    Will there be a police force that will act on crime?
    Will there be a community that will not tolerate this in their area?
    Or will it just be a matter that ‘my brother from another mother’ was quicker than me to get it, because we just need to survive!!
    Donation of 30 chickens and 10 goats were lost to theft in 3 weeks (2018)…
    3. And lastly, will there be a person, body, group or company, and more importantly, a government and its officials, that will guarantee that funders money, from external investors uot of Africa, not be corrupted??
    The Zimbabwe I grew up in was the bread basket of southern Africa!
    Is there people left there with the will and the drive to make it that again?
    I am available to do so, if there is other Zimbabweans that also want to do so!!
    But be warned, I am a white male…

  • But Wait !!!
    What happened to “The Economy is Land and Land is the Economy” ?
    8000 000 NEEDING FOOD AID !
    Nice ONE Mr Chinamasa !
    You bumbling slow witted idiots !
    Cant see past next Wednesday !

  • We want LAND !
    The Economy is Land and Land is the Economy !

    We starve !


  • Reaching out to Russia is part of the New Dispensation’s policy of opening up the country to international business. Zim is not only opening itself to Russian investment, but to investment from Europe, the Americas, other African countries etc. Gone are the days of an isolated Zimbabwe

  • Just admit to your failure Zimbabwe, and invite back white farmers to secure food security for the nation. 65% of those farms given to Zanu PF cronies are under uterlised or lying idle and growing weeds. Think of the innocent poor masses please!

    • In your dreams! Zimbabwe simply has to replicate success in the Tobacco industry for it to be food secure, there is no need for the whites to come back. Whats special about white people? do they have 3 hands? What you don’t know is the white people you praise are confiscating produce from Zimbabwe and channeling the proceeds from the sale of the said produce to their fellow whites saying the produce is from disputed land.

      • Your quote, “ Zimbabwe simply has to replicate success in the Tobacco industry “ Really ?

        Well why haven’t they replicated it then ??? You’ve had 20 years ???…We are on our knees here !

        This Government of these past 40 years cant do even ‘replicate’ the most basic simple actions !
        This has been proved beyond all doubt in the past 4 decades !
        They are too corrupt, inept and incapable !
        Ignorant of their duty to Zimbabwe and even worse, ignorant of their duty to their fellow man !
        Which is why We have NO ELECTRICITY 40 years after Independence !
        Ordinary Zimbabweans die in our ruined Hospitals…Hospitals ruined by Zanu PF while they have their medical needs met anywhere but Zimbabwe !
        Tell me… why have We got 95% Unemployment ?
        Why are our Industries collapsed ?
        Why have We got 8000 000 needing food aid ?
        Why have We got no currency except this “Baboon Money” printed by this incompetent Government ?
        We have a Government that has committed Genocide and murdered thousands of opposition activists !
        Shoots protesters in the back !
        A Government that has looted U$ 15 Billion in Diamonds that are gone forever !
        What about our potholed roads and broken infrastructure ?
        Where is Itai Dzamara ?
        What Government is so stupid..so intellectually challenged that it destroys 4500 functioning, Nation Feeding, Tax Paying, Product Exporting, Industry Supporting Farms and replaces them with NOTHING and casts 380 000 Farm workers into poverty ?
        All the while We have to watch this looting, lying, fornicating Government prostitute Zimbabwe to everyone and anyone !
        An outright disgrace !
        A pack of dimwitted insane spoilt children, who sold out Your OWN PEOPLE !
        The UNHCR will now feed us because this Government cannot put their own house in order due to their thieving, lying, fornicating traits that are so deep in their DNA coupled with a judicious helping of JuJu mongering stupidity !
        Incapable of movement in any direction !
        We are now a ‘Banana Republic’ !
        Well done on another “African Success Story”

      • You are right comrade we do not need three handed neanderthals from Holland growing our food we just just grow mbanje instead. The land is the economy and the economy is the land, mo fire and pamberi and with this philosophy we will soon be richer then the Nigerians.

  • From Command Agriculture to SOVIET AGRICULTURE.

  • When Mugabe said “Zimbabwe will never be a colony again”, he actually didn’t know that once he’s gone Zimbabwe will now forever be a colony again.

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