02-12-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: From First World To A Pitiful, Penniless Nation

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  • We are at this point in History because of the whole Zanu PF machine which is a collection of thuggish idiotic unintelligent blood soaked liars, murderers and thieves !
    This whole journey we are on as a Nation, all the misery…all the hardship…. all the deaths are caused by these people who should know better but couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing by Zimbabweans and their fellow Human beings !
    They all talk of “Sovereignty” and “Colonialism” and yet they have prostituted Zimbabwe to the Chinese our new colonial Masters !
    Too busy with their inflated sense of vanity and entitlement they don’t even care about all the deaths and destruction they have caused !
    All they are interested in is the baser human traits of fornication, lying, murder and witchcraft !
    They have sold out Zimbabwe !
    They are the “SELL OUTS”
    Which is why we don’t have a functioning state 40 years after Independence !
    No Currency !
    Collapsed Hospitals !
    Potholed Roads !
    Lamborghini Driving Councillors !
    No fresh water !
    Collapsed Schools !
    Machete Weilding Gangs !
    An Army that shoots protesters in the back !
    Disappeared citizens like Itai Dzamara !
    95% Unemployment !
    No Electricity !
    Collapsed Industry !
    8 000 000 needing food aid !
    Soap Opera Politicians that couldn’t run a “Maputi” stall !
    Murdered Farmers !
    Stolen Farms (Mugabe took 14 couldn’t run ONE) !
    No Food Security !
    No Future…under a clueless idiotic Government that are a Global laughing stock as the perfect parody of a “Banana Republic”…
    Countless thieving, unapologetic, corrupted, incapable, Ministers !
    We are going no where ! There will be NO RECOVERY as long as this ridiculous Primitive tribalist Government sits in Parliament !