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Zimbabwe D-Day…….as U.S. And China Push For Transitional Government


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Nancy Mabaya- International Editor 


VANCOUVER ISLAND– Today officially marks the beginning of the end of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule as Zimbabwe president, as protests planned for the day, whether or not they succeed, will result in a political process to establish a transitional government in Harare, reportedly backed by world powers China and the U.S. ,Spotlight Zimbabwe, can exclusively report.

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High level diplomatic sources and some Zimbabwean businessmen, this week corroborated that Washington and Beijing have unusually combined forces to push for a transitional government in the country, “until full democracy and wholesale reforms are restored”.

A transitional government is a caretaker government. It is put in place in the absence of a legitimate governing authority. It is made up of appointed officials/ politicians/ groups that serve for a limited time period with a limited mandate that seeks to assist the country in creating an enabling environment for a proper government to be put in place, i.e. to transit from a state of conflict to a democratically elected government.

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Mnangagwa who is evidently having sleepless nights over coup fears, and suspicion that a significant membership of the ruling Zanu PF politburo, has switched allegiance to endorse Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, as his immediate replacement to run the party and government, is feeling the heat of today’s protests against corruption and the pillaging of national resources organised by the opposition, thus resorting to a desperate deployment of security forces, who started clearing the streets of the capital as early as yesterday.

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The economy is in a worsening tailspin, and annual inflation has soared to over 737 percent. Salaries and pensions in local currency are now worth so little that nurses have gone on strike until they get paid in US dollars, causing a shortage that this week led to seven stillborn babies born in one night at a major hospital in Harare, GZERO, a media company dedicated to providing the public with intelligent and engaging coverage of global affairs, has reported.

“Protests in Zimbabwe on 31 July, whether or not they succeed, are a harbinger of a U.S./China engineered transitional government coming to your country,” said an American envoy now working for The Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs, last week during an encounter with this reporter in Seattle.

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“That transitional government, which is also being supported by China, shall run things until full democracy and wholesale reforms are restored. A group of wealthy Zimbabwean businessmen, one of them with strong contacts with us have pledged to lobby the IMF and World Bank, to extend an economic package for the transitional administration, and as we speak key decisions about a post-order of the current government have already been made, at the highest political level both in Washington and Beijing.”

A Zimbabwean businessman and banker with his head offices in Asia, said although China and the U.S. have their own policy differences, they have “unusually combined forces” on the need for a caretaker regime in Harare, as they both have strategic economic, political and military interests in the country.

“Don’t be fooled by the bravado being displayed by this government (Mnangagwa’s government),” said the banker. “Aenda uye (That president is going soon). It’s not a secret anymore that America wants him out, and China has also cut him off. Take it from me, our next president to manage this transitional administration is VP Chiwenga. Haasi kunyararira pasina (He’s not quiet for no reason). The Chinese military and political leadership is supporting him to takeover the presidency from the one in office, until the term in office they were supposed to serve is over. There was initially resistance from the U.S. for the VP to lead the transitonal government, but compromise has been made because Washington wants to invest in Zimbabwe, and they have also concluded that the chances of the opposition of winning power in 2023 are remote, therefore they can’t afford to continue losing out to China in Zimbabwe.”


Efforts to contact the Chinese and U.S. Embassies in Harare were fruitless, as their telephone lines were busy. Mobile phone numbers of the respective communication officers of both missions, were unreachable.



The  U.S. Embassy in Harare released a “Demonstration Alert” on Zimbabwe to it’s citizens in the country on Wednesday.



Read Full Alert Here 



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  • “China and the U.S. have their own policy differences, they have “unusually combined forces” on the need for a caretaker regime in Harare, as they both have strategic economic, political and military interests in the country.”

    I’m no political genius therefore am asking for clarification on the last part of the the above statement. I look at Zimbabwe and see a small broken country of about 14+ million people and wonder why these two super powers of the world could be “economically, politically and militarily interested” in Zimbabwe. What is it that poor, battered to its knees Zimbabwe can “strategically”offer these two super powers? Please help me understand I’m genuinely puzzled.

    • Chennai Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of mineral resources. Global media has painted us as poor and hungry, but they all want to get these resources by all means necessary. At an international scale, Zimbabwe influences Africa and the African Unions foreign policy if you didn’t know. Just do more research. Why would America build a US$300 million Embassy in Zimbabwe if they are not interested in our country. They’re basically here to stay and their goal is to get our lithium, uranium and gold. CHINA is motivated by the same intentions, so instead of fighting each other over Zimbabwe, they reach a compromise because they know there’s enough for them to share in our nation without our bloody consent and they don’t give a damn about it!

  • Hapana hapana the people won without breaking a sweat the economy has grounded to a halt, sucess of a demo can be measured in different ways. Why l am saying it’s a sucess because 1) economy dhii , tichaona panenge paine dhora next time.
    2) disharmony mu politburo
    3 ) the gvt is is panic coz the don’t know what the ppl will do next and when .
    4) we laid bare the who the merchants of violence are and the kind of society we live in
    Come what may this day and events are a game changer.

  • This man you call Dambudzo is cornered.

  • Pple want change and a Zim good for all. Akanyengedza vanhu 2017 achitora nyika yakanaka achiiparadza. Thank you for the article

  • It is an indisputable fact that Mnangagwa has dismally failed this country. That sat it may be, we cannot allow foreigners with their own agendas to impose a leader on us. Let the people of Zimbabwe freely choose their own preferred leader through fair and free plebiscite. We learnt from the mistake we made in 2017. We cannot the same mistake again. Both Mnanganwa and Chiwenga are cut from the same cloth. Its recycling and perpetuating ZANzupf hegemony. Another touted successor again is ZANUpf to the core. They had their chance and failed us. Let us not be hoodwinked to believe that there is anything better that will come out of them.

  • Viva President Mnangagwa viva! Hamupapindi apa vatengesi. Kufarira n’anga inobata Amai.

  • 11am in Japan guys. Almost afternoon and I was waiting for the Friday edition to upload. You never disappoint. Where does the other VP Mohadi stand in all the turf wars happening between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga?

  • Murume mukuru asinganyare. Chienda Zvishavane kunotamba nevazukuru.

  • Another good one this week Spotlight Zimbabwe. We’re still waiting for the interview you promised with one of Mugabe’s former ministers, Saviour Kasukuwere. It’s been over a month now and I hope it’s going to be worth the wait. Since Emmerson Mnangagwa is clearly facing the exit, it’ll be good for the readers to pick up the brains of Kasukuwere since you claim he’s Zimbabwe’s President in the waiting come 2023.

  • Respect. Recommended to follow this publication by my friends from Zimbabwe. I did so since last year, and I should say Spotlight Zimbabwe is on top of the class on Zimbabwe’s political and foreign policy issues. Greetings from Austria.

  • We’re going to defend our leader. Ndakataura wani kuti pfuti dzicharira. Our President haana kwaanoenda. Spotlight Zimbabwe muri kushandiswa nevapambepfumi. Tirivana vevhu ngativiriranei. Asi pfuti dzinozongorira pakaita nhunzwatunzwa.

  • Zimbabwe became free in 1980 and you want this country to go back into the hands of imperialists. They don’t give a damn about the natives, save to dominate and loot our mineral riches. Wake up. Mnangagwa is not the problem.

  • Change is inevitable. It might not be today, but it’s coming and Zimbabwe shall be FREE!

  • No way out is the name of my favorite 1998 rap album by Sean “P Diddy” Combs. It also aptly applies to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s fatal end. What goes around, comes around.

  • I hope there is some truth in this, I dont like any Zanu PF aligned people but Mnangagwa MUST GO, he is evil. He will be another piece of that Zanu monster

  • Masterpiece revelations Spotlight Zimbabwe. I was awake burning the midnight oil and waiting to read today’s big one. Thank you for the delivery. Good job Nancy.

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