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Dr. Mumbi Show

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  • Dr Mumbi, I cannot speak for Ghana, Mauritius or Botswana being on this EU “Blacklist”,

    However I can speak for Zimbabwe as I have witnessed the utter savagery of Mugabe and the Zanu PF Regime first hand !
    First You can forget about that land story of giving back land to Mzungu’s as 83% of those Mzungu’s Farms were bought and paid for in MUGABE”S Independent Zimbabwe after 1980 and had a ‘Certificate of NO INTEREST’ issued to those “Mzungus” by the Mugabe Zanu PF Government …which is the very reason those “Mzungu’s” went Farming in the first place, it seemed like a safe investment…they were wrong.. !
    Why do You never mention the Genocide committed by Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF Regime against it’s own people ?
    In the “Gukurahundi” Genocide Mugabe’s North Korean Trained 5th Brigade slaughtered 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans, yet You dont mention this ?
    They committed horrific atrocities and eviscerated pregnant women villagers leaving them to watch their dying foetuses on the ground as they themselves died bleeding out … Why do You never mention this ?
    This same Zanu PF which is still in power in Zimbabwe to this day has rigged every election ever since 1980 and We now live in a ruined Nation where our leaders charter private Jets to seek healthcare outside Zimbabwe while We die on the floors of our Hospitals and Clinics ruined by these same Zanu PF politicians …Why do You never mention this ?
    Why do You never mention that Zimbabwe now has 8500 000 now needing food aid because those 4500 Farms which fed the Nation are now ruined !
    Why do You never Mention that Mugabe took 14 Farms for Himself and couldn’t run even ONE !
    Why do You never mention that Zimbabwe has 95% unemployment because after Mugabe grabbed all those Farms our Industries collapsed !
    What about the 380 000 Farm workers cast into poverty and I mean POVERTY after Mugabe and Zanu PF collapsed those 4500 Farms that they parcelled out amongst themselves …. Why do You never mention this ?
    Zanu PF with It’s Chinese partners looted U$15 Billion in alluvial diamonds from the Nation that was 25% of the Worlds alluvial diamonds gone forever an NO ONE has been held to account !
    Mugabe used Helicopter Gunships firing live ammunition on His OWN PEOPLE to clear the diamond fields and then ring fenced it and set dogs upon people who were caught nearby, The Chinese then put in their own Airstrip to bring in machinery and ferry out the diamonds…. is this the act of a “Liberator” ?…. Why do You never mention this ?
    Dr Mumbi, may I respectfully request that if You don’t know the facts about Zimbabwe that You keep off the subject or at the very least study it and then take a more informed stance..

    • JUSTINIAN, before going any further re-visit how the muzungu got the land in the first place. The land which became commercialized and demarcated for themselves. In fact, the farms issue in Zimbabwe can not be talked of in separation with the 1884 Berlin Conference. Who represented Zimbabwe (in general) and Africa (in particular) when the muzungu divided and shared our land, the land they then farmed.

      • I don’t dispute the Colonial aspirations 1884 Berlin Conference.
        However I do take issue when Mugabe slaughtered 30 000 of His own people without a second thought, and SADC and the AU did NOTHING !
        I do however have an issue about those Farmers, 83% who bought and paid for their Farms after 1980 in Mugabe’s Independent Zimbabwe in good faith and had Certificates of NO INTEREST issued to them by the Mugabe Government. Which when presented to the Bank enabled them to get a loan and go Farming. This on their behalf was not a Colonisation but a genuine investment for all Zimbabwe.
        As Mugabe let His egomania run amok and tore up those Certificates and murdered Farmers in one case drinking the blood of the poor murdered soul metres from a Police Post He put Zimbabwe on the road to destruction, bearing in mind this was 20 years after Independence from Britain and Zimbabwe was not on a War footing. It was this act of utter stupidity which has ruined the Nation.

        Both He and Zanu PF are unintelligent idiots who have ruined their Nation.
        I have not seen one of those “Chefs” run their grabbed Farms on a commercial scale, they employ no one and if they do… they don’t pay them.
        They pay NO TAXES and grow NOTHING and have destroyed the existing infrastructure !
        Never a thought given to the 380 000 Farm workers who lost their jobs, not only that many of them lost access to a decent salary, the Farm Schools and the Farm clinics.
        Remember Mugabe took 14 Farms for Himself !
        The ensuing catastrophe collapsed our industries resulting in the now 95% unemployed !
        Zanu PF then looted all those diamonds which could have got us out of the hole they put us in in the first place…. but that would be too much to ask of this morally bankrupt regime…
        Then when the scale of their ruination slowly dawns on them they go whingeing to the World Bank, The IMF, The Paris Club with no intention of doing they right thing by their own people their own Nation….ever ignorant of this duty !
        It was easier and served their interests to prostitute us to China and turn us into second class citizens in our own Country without an “1884 Berlin Conference” !
        They cant even keep the lights “ON” !
        Which is why we now have +8500 000 people needing food aid…. who will feed them ?…. Dambudzo and Zanu PF ??
        This did not need to happen.
        This is why We are a Pariah State !…this is why NO ONE will deal with us !
        On it’s present course…there is NO way out of this !

  • Zim is done! Does this include the few white farmers left on the land