07-30-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

World Food Programme in Urgent Appeal to Feed Hungry Zimbabweans

Brian Latham 

The World Food Programme launched an urgent appeal for $250 million to prevent millions of Zimbabweans plunging deeper into hunger.

The WFP, a United Nations body, expects 8.6 million Zimbabweans to be food insecure by the end of this year. That’s “a staggering 60% of the population,” it said in an emailed statement.

Three successive droughts, economic recession, soaring inflation and now the coronavirus pandemic have impacted the southern African nation. Corn prices doubled last month, forcing families to sell possessions to feed themselves, the WFP said. The country harvested only 1.1 million tons of corn, the staple food, against annual demand of about 2.4 million tons.

“We need the international community to step up now to help us prevent a potential humanitarian catastrophe,” Lola Castro, the WFP regional director for southern Africa, said in the statement.

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  • But Wait !…….
    What happened to “Land is the Economy and The Economy is Land” ?
    Where are You now Chinomatimba You dancing puppet of Your half baked idiot Masters ?

  • Will someone please relay this report to that blithering idiot Patrick Chinamasa…We have ended up in this position because He is part of the hateful Government which has never cared about Zimbabwe or Zimbabweans …which is why We have 8500 000 needing food aid and a terrifying 95% unemployment …
    Yet all He can do is call people” thugs”…like the US Ambassador when the USA has done more in any single Year than You have done in 40 years of Your blatant misrule !
    Incapable, incompetent, and inept….