10-18-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

World class lithium developer on Zimbabwe deposits

Prospect Resources (ISIN: AU0000048605; ASX: PSC; FSE: 5E8) – Lithium – Development – Zimbabwe – Managing Director Sam Hosack was recently giving FNN a live interview He pointed out that PSC’s flagship project Arcadia is currently globally the 8th largest hard rock lithium deposit. In fact, the purity of the pegmatite material would allow Prospect Resources to produce lithium chemicals at very low cost. Since glas and ceramic industry is quality focused on lithium Sam sees the company as one of a few possible supplier of its products. This branch contributes 17% of lithium demand at least. The next three months PSC is going on roadshows globally in order to attract financing partners for the planned lithium plant. The company also wants to forge additional off-taker.


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