10-07-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

WARNING: Step Down Zimbabwe President

The Church Of All Nations 

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  • This is crap. Purported man of God doing politics in church!!! Paridzai zvekuenda kudenga and leave politics to politicians.

  • Religion has become the opium of the people of Zimbabwe and it is no surprise that our corrupt and incompetent political leaders have often abused religion in their effort to find legitimacy and pastors have become political commissar!

    Whilst many would agree with the notion that Mnangagwa has failed and must step down; it is foolish to suggest that Chamisa must rule because he too has failed. Zimbabweans need to snap out of this binary, on/off, good/bad, Mugabe/Mnangagwa, Chamisa/Mnangagwa, etc. mentality.

    A more rational minded person would have asked what kind of leaders does the nation want – answer, competent and accountable leaders. Since the Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Chamisa have all proven to be corrupt, incompetent and devoid of common sense or worse; a rational minded person would refuse to be boxed in and reject both as unacceptable.

    In Zimbabwe, the binary mentality has now soared to new dizzying heights as both men and women of the cloth have bolstered their binary choice with claims their decision was divinely inspired!