12-27-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

USA to drop Zimbabwe Sanctions in mad rush for Zimbabwe Lithium

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  • USA dropping sanctions on Zimbabwe would signal the end of our fight for a democratic Zimbabwe. We would have lost the fight!

  • Yes Zimbabwe has the potential to be a rich and prosperous nation “if we sham” corruption. We that is a big IF especially for a nation in which corruption has been allowed to thrive and spread and is now lord of the castle!

    Zanu PF has access to as much as $4 billion of looted wealth to bankroll its political activities designed to keep the party’s strangle hold on power. The opposition will be lucky to raise $4 million! It is no contest.

    If Zanu PF is allowed to get away with the rigged elections for a year or two, the scramble for lithium may force many nations to forget Zanu PF is illegitimate, there is a real danger of Zimbabwe being stuck with this corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship for generations to come!

  • It’s about time. Zimbabwe is a great economic powerhouse in the making.