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US Economist ranks Zim dollar 2nd on his list of 20 junk currencies

Renowned economist, Steve Hanke has listed the Zimbabwe dollar among the “top 20 junk currencies” that need to be dumped to prevent a total collapse of economies.

On top of his list is Venezuela whose currency has since 2019 depreciated by 70.64 percent followed by Zimbabwe whose dollar has depreciated by 54.78 percent.

The list is as follows:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Zimbabwe
  3. Lebanon
  4. Syria
  5. Sudan
  6. Brazil
  7. South Africa
  8. Zambia
  9. Iran
  10. Mexico
  11. Nigeria
  12. Seychelles
  13. Colombia
  14. Russia
  15. Uruguay
  16. Turkey
  17. Belarus
  18. Ghana
  19. Argentina
  20. Turkmenistan

Posting on Twitter, Hanke said:

The top 20 junk #Currencies are displayed. Their loss of #PurchasingPower is a heart-wrenching sight. It’s like watching a child bleed to death and being unable to stop it. Time to dump junk & clone a solid anchor, like #Gold

Zimbabwe reintroduced its dollar in June 2019 at the same time suspending the multicurrency system that had been in place for a decade.

The multicurrency system was adopted following a record 231 million percent hyper inflation of 2008.

Since its reintroduction, the Zimbabwe dollar has rapidly shed value against other currencies, particularly the United States dollar.

This has had an adverse impact on the country’s economy and living standards resulting in a worsened socio-economic crisis.


Prof Steve Hanke/Pindula 

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  • You were told !
    Restart Your Agricultural Economy or slide into oblivion !
    Idiots think that they can print Banana Republic Money and it will hold value !
    Your Currency is only reflective of the overall state of YOUR ECONOMY !
    It’s a simple rule really ….
    Do You want me to come and explain it to You ?
    Were will I find You ?
    Sitting around that rock in Chinhoyi waiting for Diesel to pour out ???