09-12-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Switzerland Pledges Continued Support To Zimbabwe


A Switzerland delegation led by the Swiss Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Niculin Jagger has paid a courtesy call to the newly elected Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda at the Parliament Building in Harare where they promised to strengthen bilateral relations with Zimbabwe.

Advocate Mudenda acknowledged the support Switzerland is giving in strengthening the democratic and national building initiatives in Zimbabwe.

“Switzerland is providing assistance in humanitarian and health programmes and they are also capacitating the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC),” said Advocate Mudenda.

Ambassador Jagger pledged to continue supporting Zimbabwe’s political and reform agenda.

“Zimbabwe’s revival under the new administration is notable, hence our utmost commitment to expand our technical support to the country’s institutional capacity including the works of parliament,” he said.

Advocate Mudenda added that parliament will continue to exercise its oversight role over the executive to ensure that there is prudent management of public resources.

The National Assembly Speaker also said Zimbabwe will gain immensely from its relationship with Switzerland as it pursues devolution as the European nation’s federal system of governance is one of the best and most efficient on the globe.


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  • I have always known the Swiss are soft spoken people and with an eye for detail and as reliable and consistent as the compass. With their meticulous attention to detail they must have learnt by now that this Zanu PF government is NOT interested in establishing a free, fair, just and democratic nation.

    Early this year the Swiss sponsored workshops to talk of reforms, ZEC official and MPs were involved, to help ensure the coming elections were free, fair and credible. In the end ZEC and their Zanu PF masters blatantly rigged the elections, they did not even have the decency to release something as basic as a clean and verified voters roll, for Pete’s sake!

    After 38 years of rigging elections do the Swiss really think these Zanu PF thugs do NOT know they are rigging the elections?

    By re-engage the Zanu PF regime after it has just rigged the elections the message the Swiss are sending out there is that the regime is legitimate and it has done nothing wrong.

    The people of Zimbabwe are fighting for meaningful democratic change and the country’s situation is now desperate, we cannot afford to waste time on gimmicks much less appeasement that are only going to allow Zanu PF to remain in power and drag us even deeper into this hell-on-earth. We want to go North and Switzerland is offering us a lift to take us South, that is not helping us in any way!

    This is no longer a case of someone meaning well but doing the wrong thing; this is a case of helping us accept the dictatorship because they, not us, have decided we will never have a healthy and functioning democracy. It is beyond us to attain such noble heights and so we must just give up. I cannot think of anything more patronising than that!

  • What political reforms is Ambassador Jagger talking about? The country has just had elections which the ruling party blatantly rigged and this is not the first time either. If the government in Switzerland has decided to turn a blind eye to the blatant vote rigging by Zanu PF then do so without insulting the long suffering people of Zimbabwe by pretending Zanu PF is a legitimately elected regime.

    Nothing good will come out of Switzerland appeasing this Zanu PF dictatorship because five years from now the regime will once again rig the elections. Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because the nation has been stuck with this corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical regime which rigged elections to stay in power.

    We, the people of Zimbabwe, are grasping the nettle and having to face the regime’s thugs in the eye and tell them they rigged the elections and, per se, they are illegitimate and must step aside. The last thing we want if the Swiss or anyone else telling the regime it is legitimate! If you have nothing better to say, shut up!