09-12-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

State Of Emergency Declared In Zimbabwe As Cholera Infections Rise

CGTN Africa

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  • This is happening to nation that has just squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in buying new cars for Chiefs, Zanu PF candidates and other party officials and other luminaries. President Mnangagwa chartered a plane for a cool $1.4 million to fly back the former first lady Grace Mugabe from Singapore to attend her mother’s funeral. He did not want her to suffer the inconvenience of a commercial flight. Now the same country is begging for money to stop the spread of cholera.

    Basic services like clean running water have long collapsed; some children are now going to school, and they have never had a shower! Cholera, typhoid and many of these diseases are common where there is no running water and serviceable sewage system. The current cholera outbreak was not the first and it will not be the last!

    Until the nation bite the bullet and solve its vote rigging culture that has allowed corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless thugs to remain in power for 38 years and counting the country will never get out of the hell-hole it now finds itself in.