07-08-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

South Africa following Zimbabwe into despair

Loving Life 2019

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  • Mugabe and Zanu PF has never respected the rule of law, one-person one-vote and even the sanctity of human life in their pursuit of absolute power. The biggest mistake we have ever made was to let the regime have it all in the hope the thugs will ever come to their senses and see the madness of their oppression and futility of their greed. The truth is absolute power has corrupted them beyond the point of no-return giving up even an inch of their dictatorial powers and a single dollar of their looted wealth is simply unthinkable.

    By the late 1990s, many Zimbabweans have accepted the country was in deep trouble and needed to cut back Zanu PF’s dictatorial powers by implementing democratic changes. The nation risked life and limb to elect Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends into power on the ticket they would bring about the needed democratic changes. Sadly, MDC leaders turned out to be corrupt and incompetent; easily tricked and corrupted. Mugabe bribed MDC leaders and they have failed to implement even one democratic change in 20 years. Not one!

    Zimbabwe could have easily become the South Korea of Africa, where all enjoyed freedom, justice and economic prosperity. It has become the North Korea of Africa, where corruption, fear and poverty rule supreme! We can still be the South Korea but we must first wrestle absolute power from Zanu PF – a challenge but not an impossible one!