05-22-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

RBZ Governor Explains Why Zimbabwe Did Not Get IMF Relief Funding

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  • Did You not say that You would resign when You issued currency collapsed ?

    Well it has !

    Why are You still here and issuing more of Your “Baboon Currency” ?

  • Because You are murdering blood soaked Tsotsis !
    You shoot protesters in the back ?
    You destroyed Your own Agricultural Economy and now the West has to feed us !
    You managed to set a record by delivering 8500 000 people to the list of those requiring food aid !
    You managed to ruin Your Industries causing 95% unemployment ?
    Yet You all sit there at the top telling one another how “Great” You are ?
    Sold out Your own People to the Chinese !
    Sold out Your Mtupo’s…Your Mudzimu… and Zimbabwe !
    Well done !
    Another” African Success Story”