01-11-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Professor Jonathan Moyo on hard talk with Zeinab Badawi 2018



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  • Zanu PF is a party of corrupt, vote rigging and ruthless thugs who have stage a coup in 2008 to stop MDC getting into power. The dog-eat-dog factional war that has been tearing the party apart these last three years is in keeping with the nature of the party members as thugs to fight. The BBC HardTalk interview failed to bring this out.

    Professor Moyo was allowed to get away with the impression that Zanu PF had two faction, the law abiding and competent G40 vs the Lacoste faction that is pure evil and is responsible for all the evil the party has done in the last 37 years. Even when Ms Badawi tried to nail him on Zanu PF’s legacy of presiding over the nation’s economic collapse and mass poverty, she still allowed him to dismiss it as “a challenge”, nothing more!

    HardTalk is a programme with a reputation of asking hard questions and holding the interviewee to account and not let them get away with some wishy-washy nonsense. This time the programme was a great disappointment because it failed to live up to expectations!