09-12-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

PICTURES: Fresh farm evictions and invasions of white farms in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean farmer Martin Grobler was on Friday evicted from his Protea Farm in Ruwa and his property thrown out by an official from the agriculture ministry, Ivy Rupindi.

Privilege Musvanhiri shared pictures from the farm showing Grobler’s property strew all over the place. The pictures are captioned with the words:

Fresh farm eviction at Protea Farm in Ruwa outside Harare. Farmer Martin Grobler being evicted to make way for Ministry of lands official Ivy Rupindi. This happening after government announced it will compensate farmers who lost land during the 2000 land reform.

… Evicted Zimbabwe farmer Martin Grobler now pondering what to do with his property left outside his home and where to move his 250 head of cattle. The claimant Ivy Rupindi says she is the rightful owner and gave Grobler 24hrs to leave the farm.

See the pictures:




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  • They’ve had decades to prove themselves able to restore things to reasonable normality but the Zimbabwean Zanus will never be able to do anything constructive, too proud and refuse to learn anything or work. I’m sure Ivy will get poisoned by her own stupidity, just can’t manage to do anything but steal. It’s pathetic!

  • It’s typical of corrupt politicians and
    Leadership to take away property of this nature as they are not capable of developing a farm of this nature on their own.

    They are too lazy and stupid

    They are chasing away the very people that form the pipeline of food supply

    They don’t understand that should demand of food increase so will food prices

  • Here we go again!

    Zanu PF is doing this to draw attention away from the country’s worsening economic and political crisis. The party wants it to be seen as a race issue, whites vs blacks. It has worked for the regime in the past and so they are trying the same dirty trick again. The war veterans will be mobilising and will be taking on all comers – all those critical of the regime!

    Zanu PF wants to accuse SA of interfering in Zimbabwe affairs not to resolve the economic and political crisis but to stop the farm invasions!

  • That’s madness at its best why God why