11-29-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

PICTURE: Mnangagwa’s New Bread Prices


A picture of Bakers Inn bread has circulated on social media suggesting that the company is now selling bread at $18.10. This means that the price is likely higher in locations and parallel markets since they get supplied by the company.

Bread was scarce in the country this year after wheat reserves got depleted. The situation is likely to be prolonged considering that the Winter Wheat production registered a poor harvest due to power cuts and drought.

Prices of other commodities have also been going up thereby eroding salaries of workers which have remained unchanged.

See the picture below.



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  • Zimbabwe was better under mugabe than dambudzo. he does not have a clue to how to and where to go. He enjoys flying and going places than he does staying home and resolving problems at home. Mugabe had a slight snese of love for zimbabwe. dambudzo does not give a hoot. he fires doctors and leaves the hospitals to go for longer without drugs…and yet he enjoys hiring expensive jets to tour the world and show off his scarf.

    Zimbabwe needs a sane headed president right now, who is a unifier and a healer. the poor nation has gone for far too long without leadership and a breather. The people need someone to come and really care!

    Now these zanu guys know their time is up, and so they want each to have a go at the presidency before they go. Mugabe messed up so bad at being president that any fool in zanu thinks they can take over from him. the country needs a healer and a genuine leader not these power hungry animals.

    The prospects of the next 5 yrs under a zanupf gvt is a deadly trajectory for the country. NO ONE in zanupf right now can get zimbabwe working again, instead of serving, they will be busy consolidating their grip on power.

    Zimbabwe needs leaders that come, serve and go. And zanupf is not tht kind of a party!