10-09-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Painful taxation to remain in force – Mnangagwa

No laughing matter:President Emmerson Mnangagwa

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  • Well said Patrick. This so called President imposed himself and is an operative of globalist capital and new world order syndicates. They take orders from fallen angels, better known as demons. That’s why Mnangagwa is heartless, he’s supposed to usher in hardship and unseen oppression to the people of Zimbabwe because if you’re working for darkness, evil is the order of the day. It doesn’t take a spiritualist to see that the new finance guy is occultic. Looks innocent at first sight but he’s more powerful than Mnangagwa in the spiritual world and gives him orders. The fellow must be fired and pack his bags back to Switzerland. He’s not patriotic that’s why he holds Swiss citizenship. GOD knows how many other passports. To hell with the new dispensation!

  • By rigging the elections, Mr President Mnangagwa, you have signalled to the investors that Zimbabwe is a pariah state. We must first sort out our corrupt and lawless political system if we are ever going to attract investors.

    You can continue shouting “Zimbabwe is open for business!” but whilst the country remains a pariah state no one will ever come!

    The people of Zimbabwe are now the poorest in Africa and your new tax regime will only make life even tougher for those at the bottom. What is more, there will be a lot of pain but very little, if any, gain. Yes your government will have even more money to spend buying new cars, chartering planes and all the other luxuries for the ruling elite!

    The sooner you, Mr President, will accept that you rigged the recent elections and step down the sooner this nation can finally lift the curse of the rigged elections and pariah state label.

    Let me rest assure you sir, in the end you will be forced to go because the present economic situation is not sustainable. You can accept the need for change and go peacefully like Ian Smith in 1980 or you with be hunted down and killed like Gaddafi! But go you will because the game is up!