03-16-17 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Mujuru interview – Hardtalk


How tainted is Joice Mujuru by her long association with the ZANU-PF party? Stephen Sackur speaks to Joice Mujuru, former Vice President of Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is 93 years old. His wife recently suggested he could win re-election as a corpse, but failing that Zimbabwe needs to grapple with the issue of the succession. Who will follow Mugabe? Joice Mujuru is his former vice-president and one-time heir apparent. She broke away from the ruling party two years ago and now leads her own opposition party, but how tainted is she by her long association with Robert Mugabe?

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  • Mai Mujuru poor! That is one I will never believe!

  • First Mai Mujuru denied any knowledge of Gukurahundi massacres which was a lie since the killing took place over a five year period and left over 20 000 dead. Even the rural people with no access to newspapers, radio and hardly hear anything outside their immediate area knew Mugabe had fallen out with Joshua Nkomo and his PF Zapu party and that there was fighting in some parts of the country.

    She finally admitted that she knew about Gukurahundi but would not accept that, as a cabinet minister, she should have said and done something to stop the madness. Her argument that she said something but was ignored was feeble because she should have resigned in protest.

    She then accepted “collective responsibility” for what happened but was wriggling out on the shaky grounds that Gukurahundi massacre were carried out by the Fifth Brigade, a crack unit which was not part of the regular army and subject to “executive orders”. This has only helped to show just how naive and shallow she is because as a government official she should know that her job was to protect the public regardless of where the threat was coming from.

    If there was any doubt that Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent and thus unsuitable to hold the office of the presidency before the HardTalk interview there was no such doubt at the end of the interview! The few individuals who have supported her as a candidate must be hanging their heads in shame.