06-29-20 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Mugabe’s last loyal and super-rich general speaks out about ‘betrayal’ as state moves to seize his assets

Lenin Ndebele

The last general to remain loyal to the late former president Robert Mugabe, Augustine Chihuri, has spoken for the first time about betrayal by one of his deputies ahead of the November 2017 coup.

He also claims he has a long-standing personal feud with President Emmerson Mnangagwa over a woman.

The revelations were made in court papers filed at the high court where Chihuri — the former commissioner general of the Zimbabwe Republic Police — is fighting the state’s intention to seize his “unexplainable wealth”, mostly held in six of his companies.

His estimated wealth is US$32m.

He describes it as a “politically targeted persecution” directed at himself, his wife, children and other relatives.

When the army set in motion its plan to unseat Mugabe, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (under Chihuri) remained loyal to Mugabe. As such the former top cop was captured during the coup and later forced into retirement.

“The number one reason for my persecution is my refusal to participate in the November 2017 coup that toppled the late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe,” Chihuri said in court papers.

Chihuri said Godwin Matanga, who at the time was his deputy, helped set the coup in motion when he lied that Chihuri was planning to arrest Gen Constantino Chiwenga.

“He went on to lie to the then CDF (commander of defence forces) that I wanted to arrest him on his return from China … to sow seeds of division and hate between me and the then CDF,” he said.

Chihuri added that Matanga, his “uneducated” eventual successor, was rewarded with the top police job because he went behind his back and took part in the putsch.

“He was rewarded for being a willing participant in the coup process and not on merit,” said Chihuri.

Chihuri had served as police boss for 27 years. “I was fired like a dog,” he said.

Thereafter he left the country on medical grounds and has not returned. He claimed that soon after his departure, persecution intensified.

“Commissioner General Godwin Matanga continuously and systematically engaged in a strategy of harassing my family, relatives and workers threatening and beating my workers at gunpoint,” the former commissioner said.

He added that armed police would threaten his children to reveal his whereabouts.

Chihuri also says there’s bad blood between him and President Emmerson Mnangagwa which goes as far back as the 1970s war of independence — and it’s over a woman.

“I wish to put it on record to this court that the social relationship between His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and I has been broken down since the liberation struggle and it has degenerated to personal hate.

“ … my wife got pregnant by me (1977). The current president of Zimbabwe, Mr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, was aware of this union and pregnancy. Using his position, he got my then wife transferred to Shai Shai in Mozambique where he had a forced affair with her as she alleged,” he added.

This is one of the reasons why the president had an axe to grind, he claimed.

Chihuri said he didn’t do much about the “forced affair” because at the time he feared for his life.

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  • This former general presided over the most corrupt police force this corrupt ever had. Road blocks were everyone to milk the already suffering masses. He collected monies from each block for his own personal use and the Kuyedza club was another front he squeezed money from the already suffering junior officers. Ask any police officer he/ she would concur. He was part of the system that brought misery and suffering to millions of Zimbabweans. Let me return the loot and a precedence would have been set that all illgotten wealth should be forfeited to the state.

  • Chihuri is a notorious tsotsi. Maybe the case whereby he released fleets of stolen motor vehicles to syndicated criminals needs to be re-visited, his involvement in pyramid schemes, and his transport company all need to be looked into plus all of the farms he owns around the country. The harassment of decent policemen and the driving of professionals out of the force might also bear examining.

  • You mean Mugabes last loyal “Tsotsi” !
    Augustine Chihuri is as blood soaked and useless as the rest of these blithering idiots who have delivered us as a Nation into the jaws of a bone grinding poverty !
    How much innocent blood is on this small minded idiots hands ?
    HE is part of the murderous Zanu PF machinery which has made us second class citizens in our own Country while the diamonds and minerals are all exported and the pay offs go into the “Chefs” pockets !
    Never mind their ridiculous rhetoric about anti corruption …. it’s like asking Vampire to look after the “Bloodbank” !

    Ask the question …. How is it that Mugabe died a BILLIONAIRE in Singapore while We die on the floors of our ruined Hospitals and Clinics ?
    Hospitals and Clinics ruined by these slow witted idiots in Zanu PF who sold out their own Nation for a pittance !
    Zanu PF fills me with disgust…ingnorant of their duty to Zimbabwe and their Fellow Human beings whom they have tortured with their ridiculous Circus of an unfunny Government since 1980 !
    Even the Rhodesians under Ian Smith took the time to build Hospitals and Clinics for ordinary Black Zimbabweans… they took the time to have a vaccination registry and to travel the land vaccinating against smallpox, yellow fever and treating leprosy ! They even had a rural education policy and a stable currency while our own buffoons cant even keep the lights on !
    We didn’t want You to build a house just change the light bulb….but alas that is even beyond You slow witted imbeciles in Zanu PF !
    You were never fit to Govern and never will be !
    Looting…lying …fornicating…necromancers !
    An absolute disgrace …a blight on mankind !

    • Well said Mbira, you could not have said that any better. One wonders what kind of people are these. ed openly tells people he is punishing the urban population for not supporting Zanu Pf and claims to be the president of a country. I have never seen certified idiots like these zanu Pf thugs, murders, rapist, but one thing is certain, ‘what goes around comes around’. Ngozi dziriko as well. When the revolution starts there will be no where to run. I feel sorry for the kids of dictators the world over as they always suffer because of their parents’s actions. That day will come.

    • I can never articulate it like you did my brother, i feel your pain. Rhodesia was by far better than this mess.