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“Mugabe’s Alpha Omega, Gushungo Holdings In Ruins”

Founding Statesman of Zimbabwe: President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

The NewsHawks who toured some business sites of the family of the late former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace allege that the businesses are now in ruins.

Alpha Omega Dairy, a subsidiary of the former first family’s business empire, Gushungo Holdings, once dubbed the second-biggest dairy in Southern Africa is reported to be dilapidated.

The publication claims that Mugabe’s business used to be sustained by patronage as government departments and state institutions stampeded to order milk, yoghurt and ice cream during Mugabe’s 37-year-old reign. Writes Nyasha Chingono of The NewsHawks:

However, the multi-million-dollar business has fallen on hard times and cannot compete with other dairy companies on the market.
In fact, it now resembles a ghost factory that stands as an ominous power symbol capturing the imaginations and ambitions of the Mugabe family.
Upon arrival, we find the parking lot empty, with only one delivery truck in sight. There is skeletal staff on the premises lingering around.
The yesteryear hive of activity is gone and workers’ crestfallen faces tell a story. The milk-manufacturing plant has gone mute, while the sales department that used to welcome hundreds of clients daily looks deserted.
Workers at Gushungo dairy argue that the project “needs someone to really focus their energy on it” since a lot needs to be revived at the farm.
Meanwhile, the former first lady, Grace, is reportedly staying in Singapore while her business empire crumbles.

During Mugabe’s time in power, the company was hyped as a model of success of the chaotic land reform programme in which Mugabe and his lieutenants seized white-owned commercial farms and associated businesses for self-aggrandisement in the name of correcting historical injustice.
Most of the farms grabbed by Zanu PF leaders and their supporters are now largely unproductive and derelict, a situation that has immensely contributed to food shortages in the Southern African country.
The NewsHawks

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  • Why am I not surprised!

    Most of these Zanu PF chefs want to give the impression that their business empires are thriving but the reality is they are only doing so because they are receiving millions of dollars in direct and indirect subsidies. Turn-off the subsidies and the once seeming thriving business takes a nose-dive.

    Deep down Mugabe and his wife feared their business empire would collapse if they lost power and hence the reason they tried so hard to hang on to power.

    On 15 November 2017, Mugabe was rudely awoken with an AK47 Rifle pointing up his backside. It was a crashing end to his rule and his business empire.

    Grace Mugabe must know that one of these fine days some one will want her to give up all the looted wealth she and her late husband had salted away. It will be the last and necessary act, the looted wealth must be returned to the rightful owners, the long suffering ordinary Zimbabweans, from who it was stolen.

  • It would be better to sell the facility to Dairiboard so that the efforts of the former President don’t go to waste. Alternatively, support Bona to revive operations. Whichever way, Bob is still our hero despite some unfortunate incidences that may have taken place. I also feel the same with regards to Mqabukho’s Blue Lagoon. These companies should never go under maybe ZANU PF should buy shares in them.

  • I would have more respect for Mugabe if He stood in a traditional Loincloth and howled His curses at the “West” while standing in the Kumusha !….but He didn’t …He did while being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz with a luxury wristwatch and wearing a fine cut Western suit !
    He was an inept, idiotic, corrupt typical African Dictator !…..devoid of Humanity…He fostered a Party who believe it is their right to rape, murder and loot !
    An outright absolute disgrace to Africa !

  • You greedy little Zanu PF’s !
    You knew exactly where this was going to end when You started murdering Farmers and drinking their blood !
    You could not help Yourselves the mask slipped and out popped the lying, looting, murderous “Tsotsi” that lives at the heart of You and all You hold dear !
    7500 000 Needing food aid…95% Unemployment …380 000 Farm workers cast into poverty !
    You destroyed Your own Nation because You are too stupid to know how to even run a “Maputi Stall” at a Long Distance Bus Stop !

  • What did You expect…?

    Mugabe only had a “Degree in Violence” !