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Mnangagwa And His Govt Have Surrendered To Sakunda – Jonathan Moyo

Zimbabwe’s former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has criticised the government’s decision to allow Sakunda Holdings to refurbish and use St Anne’s and Arundel Hospitals saying it is a move to benefit the political elites in the country.

We present Moyo’s Twitter thread below.

“Private sector to setup testing, isolation facilities” #Herald 26/3/20 Ordinarily this headline would inspire the nation. But no. Like command agriculture, it’s not the private sector but only Sakunda; a corrupt fuel cartel that benefits only a few!

The four health facilities identified are in low-density suburbs & have limited bed capacity to cater only for a connected few. Sakunda say the initiative is national but are refurbishing three facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo. How about the other eight provinces?

What’s disquieting about the initiative, triggered by a palpable fear of #COVID19 among the #ZanuPF elite, after the fatal treatment of Zororo Makamba at Wilkins Hospital, is the phoney claim that it’s complementing govt; when its clear Mnangagwa’s administration has no plan!

With winter looming & the #coronavirus set to spike in Zim, there’s no govt plan to protect the masses who live from hand to mouth in crowded spaces & depend on the informal sector; fighting starvation & disease & thus vulnerable to #COVID19 due to their suppressed immunity!

If govt had a plan to stem the spread of the #coronavirus, nurses & doctors would not be on strike; their needs would have been prioritised. And govt would be capacitating central hospitals & district clinics & building makeshift health facilities to test & treat the masses!

The fact that the focus is on refurbishing three elite health facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo; with that focus led by Sakunda, a corrupt fuel cartel known for using public funds to buy luxury cars for Mnangagwa & his deputies, means the people are on their own!

The #ZanuPF notion that Sakunda is Zim’s private sector, is the most stupid & corrupt idea to plague the country since 2016. Sakunda is not an investor but a vehicle for siphoning public funds to benefit Mnangagwa & his cronies. Zim has a private sector & it’s not Sakunda!

Mnangagwa & his govt have gone rogue & surrendered to Sakunda, their fiduciary responsibility to protect the masses. Effectively, they have abdicated their power & authority. Clearly, there’s a dangerous vacuum. The people must rise to the occasion & rescue the situation!


Pindula/Prof Jonathan Moyo

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