04-21-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Let the Young Run Zimbabwe – Thomas Mapfumo


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  • We have moved from electing leaders because they have “liberation war credentials”, to tribe, region, gender and now we are on to age! This is not progress, we are just blundering from pillar to post. None of these things will guarantee us good governance because none of them matter.

    What makes a good leader? Ideas!

    We must learn to ask such questions as what has gone wrong in the country? And to listen carefull to the answers!

    After 38 years of blundering from pillar to post we need quality leaders if we are ever going to get out of the hell-hole 38 years of misrule have landed us!

    “Let young people run Zimbabwe!” is the lazy person’s answer. After all many of those who have ruled Zimbabwe were themselves “young” then but that did not stop them dragging us into this mess!