04-06-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

End of Empire (1985), Chapter 14: Rhodesia


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  • Zimbabwe’s first elections were not free, fair and credible and Zanu PF leaders and everyone else involved in the 1980 elections have all readily admitted that this was indeed the case. The tragic reality for the country is that this was a curse that the nation has suffered from ever since. The nation has been stuck with a corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime for the last 38 years dragging the nation deeper and deeper into this economic and political hell-on-earth.

    It was the intensifying civil war that forced the stubborn white regime to give up power. It is the intensifying economic meltdown that is forcing Zanu PF to give up power. Unemployment has soared to dizzying heights of 80% plus, 3/4 of the people now live in abject poverty, most basic services such as supply of clean water and health care have all but collapse, etc. This is socially, morally and politically unsustainable.

    If Zanu PF thinks that the people will suffer and die quietly like sheep in a slaughter house, the party is naive. The Zanu PF reign of terror has run its course and it will be swept aside. Mnangagwa knows that what is happening in Sudan will happen in Zimbabwe too, if is just a matter of when and not if!