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The Diamonds that Mujuru tried to sell

Former Vice-President and National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru has vehemently denied that she dealt in diamonds and that there was place at Chiadzwa called “Churu cha Mai Mujuru” saying the project that she had in Chiadzwa was a horticultural project.

She also denied on the British Broadcasting Programme, Hardtalk, that she had any dealings with a European company called Firstar.

According to a 2009 Human Rights Watch report entitled: Diamonds on the Rough several miners interviewed by Human Rights Watch who experienced raids by reaction teams said the police would drive them off the field, and then trucks would come onto the fields carrying people the miners suspected to be linked to senior government officials:

“We do not know for sure who the people were who came to work in the diamond fields on certain nights after reaction teams cleared us off the fields,”: they told Human Rights Watch..

“The police we work with in our syndicates told us reaction teams make way for big chefs [senior leaders] in ZANU-PF to dig for diamonds.

“We named a portion of the diamond fields zamu ramai Mujuru (Mrs. Joyce Mujuru’s breast) because on several nights trucks would go there, and we were told by police that the portion belongs to the vice-president, Mrs. Mujuru.

“That portion of land is heavily guarded both by police and by a private security company, which is owned by another senior ZANU-PF official.

“Local and international media have reported on the alleged involvement of Zimbabwe’s Vice President and senior ZANU-PF member Mrs. Mujuru in Marange diamond mining and smuggling, including on ownership of a claim in the diamond fields popularly known as churu chamai Mujuru (Mrs. Mujuru’s anthill).

“International media have also reported on alleged attempts by Mrs. Mujuru’s Spain-based daughter to sell uncertified gold and diamonds on the international market. The origin of the diamonds in question has never been publicly revealed.”

Indeed, The Insider in 2009 talked to two senior executives of Firstar Europe.

Bernd Hagemann, the head of Firstar Europe, a commodities trading company based in Warrington in the United Kingdom, said Joice Mujuru phoned him after the company had blacklisted her, her husband Solomon Mujuru, her daughter Nyasha, Nyasha’s husband Pedro Del Campo and their South African agent Dancor Spies.

Nyasha had tried to sell the company 3 700 kg of gold and several consignments of diamonds.

The diamonds in batches of two, three, four and five carat and had a total value of $15 874 366.60.

The gold was worth $141.9 million at the 2009 prices.

Here are the diamonds Mujuru wanted to sell:

Two carat diamonds

Three carat diamonds

Four carat diamonds

Five carat diamonds


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  • Now that the gene is out of the bottle there is no putting it back!

    It is no secrete that there has been serious looting and plunder of the nation’s wealth and that the Mujuru’s were not the only ones looting. So if the Mujuru’s looted $15 billions what did others loot?Even if Mugabe tries to pretend it is only the Mujuru’s who have been looting, he must explain why his regime has done nothing to stop the looting and why not even one dollar was ever recovered?

    The stench of Mai Mujuru corruption and incompetence is not only going to be limited to her but to everyone in Zanu PF! Everyone!

  • Cannot believe this, not after listening to Mai Mujuru; she denied the story with such passion and a straight face!

  • The plot thickens!

    The more Mai Mujuru tries to lie the more she entraps herself in her own web of lies. The day she told HardTalk she was poor with only one farm and one house, Herald published a list of companies, properties and other assets owned by her late husband Solomon.

    Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent of that there is no denying that! Mai Mujuru is not suitable material to hold public office much less the highest office in the land, of that there is no denying too!