03-13-17 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Conflict Zone:Mujuru London Interview


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  • Those Zimbabweans who have said Mujuru should be president must hang the heads in shame!

  • Mai Mujuru is mud, she cannot continue to deny that she has done nothing about corruption and murderous tyranny. She is not suitable material for the highest office in the land.

    Any Zimbabweans who continue to follow Joice Mujuru are not doing the nation any favours because only a foolish electorate can be so blind and naive to continue to follow a corrupt and incompetent person EVEN when they should know he/she is a corrupt and incompetent fool!

    • After 37 years of chaos and despair, one would think Zimbabweans would now be paying attention on who they elect as leader! That anyone should even be considering Mujuru a potential leader shows that we are a reckless nation with a knack for shooting ourselves in the foot!