12-01-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Chiwenga Speaks About His Ailment

VP Chiwenga


Speaking at the Homecoming Mass held in his honour at his rural home, the Vice President opened up about the ailment that saw him stay in hospital for 4 months.

According to the Sunday Mail, the Vice President said:

I want to thank you all for your prayers. Those prayers made me to survive. “Since I started falling sick in October last year, there were not many who thought I would heal completely. There were not many who thought I would be standing before you like this.

The sickness is called idiopathic oesophageal stricture. It means that you cannot take in food and also you cannot even vomit. It involves blocking of the oesophagus and I spent a lot of time in the intensive care unit.

The VP came back home last Saturday and was met by the Chinese Ambassador at the airport with notable government officials absent at the airport a move that watered speculations which he refuted shortly after that.


The Sunday Mail 

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  • The sorry state of Zimbabwe’s health care services compared to the five star service he receive in China should have forced Chiwenga to see the human tragedy in Zimbabwe and forced him to admit the situation cannot go on. Sadly, whilst a more thoughtful person would have used his five months in hospital for quiet reflection, not Chiwenga. He came out of hospital with his appetite for power sharpened and completely blind to the human tragedy unfolding before our eyes.