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VP Chiwenga To Serve Transitional Zimbabwe Presidential Term


Itai Mushekwe


BERLIN– Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, is now reportedly being prepared to takeover the presidency from President Emmerson Mnangagwa, by the country’s military on a transitional term, to finish Mnangagwa’s remaining first term, Spotlight Zimbabwe, has been told.

Zimbabwe ex-army chief who helped oust Mugabe sworn in as VP


High ranking officials inside the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), aware of the fresh unfolding developments, said army generals do not want another putsch and expected Mnangagwa to resign peacefully and leave the stage for VP Chiwenga.

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However another faction of the army with hardline elements, is said to be open to using force to push Mnangagwa out, should he attempt to dilly-dally with tendering his resignation.


Mnangagwa came to power through the backdoor, using a “military assisted intervention” to topple former leader President Robert Mugabe in November 2017.
Mnangagwa then finished off Mugabe’s remaining eight months in office. The ruling Zanu PF first secretary, was then controversially elected as president, in a disputed poll for his first official term in August 2018.


The OPC officials speaking in confidence, this week said Mnangagwa has told security chiefs that he was ready to step down in a dignified manner, and even offered a set of possible dates for his departure.


Spotlight Zimbabwe, was first to report in March that security chiefs had reportedly finalised Mnangagwa’s departure from power, as the leader of the country.

Mnangagwa's departure as Zimbabwe President finalised - Bulawayo24 ...


Confirmed reports from military circles, also suggest that VP Chiwenga’s takeover of the reins of government from Mnangagwa as a transitional president, will be announced and broadcast on national television at the opportune time.


“Military chiefs do not want another coup, and have given Mnangagwa ample time to announce his resignation due to his economic failure and mismanagement,” said one senior officer close to Mnangagwa’s office.


“There is however a group of hardline commanders, who will not hesitate to use force, if there’s pussyfooting on Mnangagwa’s part to resign in peace. We shall all have a clear direction of where our country is going once the lockdown is completely lifted.”

Spotlight ZIMBABWE (@revelatorspiri1) | Twitter

A fortnight ago Mnangagwa put up a brave face, using his alleged faction members in the working National Security Council (NSC), to put on what many now suspect to be a choreographed press conference act, to deny any imminent threats of a coup in the country.


” It is now as good as done (Chiwenga’s pending ascendancy),” said another OPC official who has served in all of former leader Mugabe’s administration and survived being purged by Mnangagwa.


“The vice president is going to be President soon, on a transitional term to finish off Mnangagwa’s term. I understand the exact date of Mnangagwa’s exit is now officially known by the top leadership of the military, who may choose to make it public.”


Ministry of defence sources last week told this publication that, Chiwenga was likely going to include some opposition officials in the incoming transitional regime, for the “purposes of political and economic stability”.


The VP, we gather is also going to appoint “his quartet of generals” into the new government, where they’re being considered for cabinet posts, in security related ministries.

The four retired generals include: retired Lieutenant Generals Martin Chedondo, Douglas Nyikayaramba, Anselem Sanyatwe and Air Vice Marshal Shebba Shumbayaonda.
Mnangagwa removed them from their posts in the army, in February last year and “promoted” the quartet to diplomatic service, while Chiwenga was absent in India for treatment at the time.
Spotlight Zimbabwe, have it on good authority, that VP Chiwenga intends to endorse a prolific former Zanu PF member and cabinet minister, to succeed him as president in 2023.

Zim activists to continue protesting outside Groote Schuur over ...
“Depending on his health and fitness, Chiwenga is going to go around the country introducing his successor at star rallies, shortly before his tenure ends,” said a Mnangagwa current serving minister, who asked not to be named.


The vice president’s office lines were giving an engaged tone since midweek, when we sought a comment on this story.

Spotlight ZIMBABWE (@revelatorspiri1) | Twitter

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  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely !
    A genocidal President…a bleached exam cheating gigolo general…. Zanu PF a party of filthy rich billionaires and millionaires while Zimbabwe slides inot oblivion !
    This was not Liberation !….. this was wholesale looting a slaughter by these common Tsotsi “Bambazonke B@st@rds !
    Thank you very much Zanu PF !

  • To begin with who gives Tanzania the right to intervene in mad waters such as we have taking place in the country of Zimbabwe today. Africa need put her bearings on. If Mufunguli suffers from nauseating mimicry of wanting to rise to Mwalimu Nyerere status in the Uganda case, he has to breath and weigh circumstances and situations in perspective.Ugandans had filled Tanzania seeking refugee status. Nyerere had all data on brutality put to bear on masses. Unlike the saga if ED where he thrives to own the Using Chinese, what is wrong with Mufunguli. He needs be democratic and trend softly on external Foreign related affairs.Why not work with eight million Zimbabweans in Diaspora? Can Africa appreciate consultative processes at all or not at all. It baffles any sane person to hear how some of our African leaders think On African affairs.

    Regarding political ennuedos Currently ongoing since 2019,Soldiers at the top level in the army
    In Zimbabwe suffer from duplicity and have not contributed anything Sincerely to the country except Being shields for corruption and political decay. They were not able to speak for the masses which were the water in which liberation fighters mingled to win Partial victory during the liberation struggle which also was partial the cause of half hearted commitment to meeting total and complete freedom of masses.

    If truth has to be told, Chiwenga is not fit Sibanda is not fit their hands are as filthy as ED and would grow worst if they get another opportunity to abuse power on the governance of the country. Why not open room for a broad based government comprising of proven community leaders Not necessarily business or purely political animals, but people who have handled human affairs with impartiality, love and social justice. After all good leadership comes from God.

    Someone please tell the country who is Kasukuwere what has he stood for argued for in life other than being a surrogate of corruption and decay. Who does the Zanu decay archelon of Soldiers want to woodwink? And why are Zimbabweans quiet? It appears our “Indaba” has to thrive among mud waters as was done in 2017. This is the time when Zimbabweans world over need put suggestions and views. No outsider isgoing to solve our problem they can only miderate toavpid blood shade or to let common sense prevail. Currently there is no common sense going on inthe country. It is trully a dog eat fog situation. No human rights respect, no disciplined policy but very corrupt, so is the army led by the most corrupt leader in the person of ED. Iwish ani dependent inquiry would be done in the wealth of ED, Kasukuwere, and Chiwenga. When did Kadukuwere work and as what? We are not interested in watching once upon time hooligans in the country rise to the pinnacle of power why? What has happened to noble citizens who thrive in law and order and have flair for common sense?

    Zanu has build a very hegemonic culture centred on me and myself and me alone. As we all know this is a cancer lethal and spread like wild fire. Hereafter soldiers need be told if they cannot serve people they have no role in the new dispensation soon to come.Lets not keep going tound circle entrenching the corrupt to fig in and spread corruption! Lets deal a blow to corruption once may be not for all given the world is very corrupt too you know. Look at circus in a once revered nation of liberty America. I have every reason To have no faith mankind, God has to take over and purify his world I pray.

    The problem in the world is we all think wanting a portion even in the rot. I need no portion. All I pray for is our grand children see sanity in their time. We all have to think progressive and focus at issues with a national interest telling the truth for a change. Why have we become so rotten to the core?

    Our Chiefs honestly were better people than this generation. Leaders specialize in immorality and avarice and we want to join them at any cost. Our bearings for nation building are in wrong places. Somebody please echo truth on hill tops. We need human leaders not hyenas in sheep clothes please.

    We are tired of being abused and traumatized. Lets stand up for what is tight or why stand at all? Opportunities present themselves again and again without someone responding yet they claim they want to rule the country. Are we so blind? Are we disabled? Ordinary people stand up and they are brutalized. When shall crimes against humanity get to be counted and tried at international courts? Where is justice. What is the role of civilization? Chinese are taking over Africa and African leaders want to intervene when masses wanted to remove local oppression yet they cannot with one voice tell China to stop commuting suicide In Africa during daylight.

    Africa wake up please or one day our leaders will sell us as it was during slavery time. The love of money is too eminent beyond love of people. Youth of Africa lets change the paradigm by God’s grace please!!!! Youth of Zimbabwe our fore fathers did not know better but-the mercenaries who lead us today need replacing totally. Change rest on honesty, integrity and self worthy. God bless Zimbabweans to rather die for TRUTH than for avarice to increase.
    Manyevere Andrew
    ForZimbabweans Diasporas
    Take Note leadership

  • Thank you Spotlight- Zim,, I can’t wait to see that happening,,,, Aluta,,,!!!!!!

  • If this is true Mr editor .we hope Mr Chiwenga want to be a true hero for Zimbabweans by standing with Zimbabweans from this dictators the only problem is that he is always backed up by ZNA. he must just be backed by the citizens to remove the Coup word.but if he walk the promise we will big him up

  • Akomana, ana dhirabidheted ivava, i do not think he will be able to stand at UN podium and deliver a full speech, the whole system must go , we need a fresh start. ALUTA.

  • This is another coup which will never change our fortunes as a country. Our politics should not be shaped and determined by the junta. Let civilians determine through a plebiscite which is free and fair. Whoever wins freely and fairly let him become the president. The idea that Mugabe annointed Kasuluwere should never be entertained. It’s the people who should freely choose their leader otherwise this vicious cycle of coups will never take us anywhere.

  • General you have one more chance to do the right thing and become a true Zimbabwean hero. Mnangagwa was a mistake for a coup President, now you can kick him out and bring genuine liberation and freedom to the masses.

  • You know it’s Friday, because Spotlight Zimbabwe comes out with strong hardnews political headlines. Rambai makadaro. Mushekwe you have come a long way young man. All my best, and like the other guy said tamirira newspaper chete kuno kumusha.

  • Economics, economy, Business, opportunities and jobs. nothing else that this country really needs

  • So Chiwenga knew all along the Mnangagwa was going to be a two minute president. The military regrets putting Mnangagwa in power, for he has only succeeded in ineptitude and garden boy statecraft skills. Uchimuona wega Mnangagwa, unoona kuti tsano ava huPresident hahusi hwawo. He is supposed to the chief security guard kwaChitkem or Guard Alert!

  • Evidence that Mugabe’s forced removal from power in 2017 was indeed a coup, is that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to fix the economy and reduced Zimbabweans to urban peasants. If it was a so called military assisted intervention, targeting criminals around Mugabe; then why do we now have more daring criminals in Mnangagwa’s government? Their corruption stinks to the high heavens, and these goons are real life political cattle rustlers.

  • The economy burns while the pseudo politicians play silly mind games. When will they wake up and smell the coffee?

  • This is all shaping up for Saviour Kasukuwere. I would like to think that sekuru has something to do with it. He must have confided to VP Chiwenga, his wish for Kasukuwere to rule this country. In all fairness and analysis, Kasukuwere ahwina guys. There’s nowhere Chamisa will be allowed to rule by the securocrats, but Kasukuwere will have their blessing.

    • Zimbabweans have failed to stop the military playing with their lives. Zimbabwe will be under a military junta for a long time, largely due to opposition parties’ incompetence. Jealousy Mawarire said this and I dismissed him. He was right.

  • The good news is that Chamisa will take over before 2023 because Chiwenga is sick and I do not see him last long.
    Chiwenga will be accommodate of Chamisa during the Transitional Authority setting the stage for Chamisa to walk on red carpet to State House.
    No elections will be held in 2023 because Chamisa won in 2018.
    Kasukuwere is just a nightmare that will never see the light of day.

    • I support the MDC, but it seems events might overtake Chamisa. The MDC must learn from the Malawi election. Opposition parties’ unity and cooperation is the way forward. I know there are hardliners in the MDC, who will scupper the formation of a united front of opposition parties.

      • My friend, Chamisa took his presidential petition to a seriously compromised court with no help from us the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. In Malawi the opposition did the same but before an independent court system while at the sane time masses were already jiving kongonya in the streets

  • Another insightful article. Thank you Mr Editor. When are you coming to launch your newspaper. We’re waiting?

  • Perhaps Zimbabwe is about to witness the end of junta militarism, with the Vice President’s transitional rule. Whoever succeeds him must be a civilian, who respects constitutionalism and human life. Good luck.

  • I have no problems with Chiwenga finishing off Mnangagwa’s term. This is exactly what Mnangagwa did to Mugabe. If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

  • The situation is our country has reached another level!

    • ZANU PF must go for Zimbabwe to rise. Unfortunately, our opposition is just too clueless. Chamisa is busy quoting bible verses instead of organising on the ground. ZANU PF has never been in such disarray and this is the time for a sucker punch by the opposition.

      • the situation in zim does not require kuti chamisa ati oganaize iyo pachoyo yati oganaiza kudara. but what do we do, takushandisa chamisa as a scapegoat for out ineptitude. it’s so sad vakomana. macomments akadai anoitwa nembwende dzikuhwanda nachamisa kunge vakanzi vauye mustreet vanouya vachimhanya.
        a good example ndeyemanurses who ate currently on strike for a better living wage. instead of seizing the opportunity tobatana navo coz we too have similar grievances tikuona vachiita hopin kuti pavanowana nesuwo tobva tawana. kuda kuitirwa nevamwe isu tichingove busy commenting as commenting can bring change.

        • If this is true Mr editor .we hope Mr Chiwenga want to be a true hero for Zimbabweans by standing with Zimbabweans from this dictators the only problem is that he is always backed up by ZNA. he must just be backed by the citizens to remove the Coup word.but if he walk the promise we will big him up

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