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Chiwenga And Army To Boot Out Mnangagwa Through Another Operation code-named Restore Economy


Itai Mushekwe/Mary-Kate Kahari


COLOGNE/HARARE– Combative Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, and a hardline military faction backing his political doctrine and ambitions, are reportedly on the verge of booting President Emmerson Mnangagwa out of office at any moment now, through another subtle military intervention, allegedly called ‘Operation Restore Economy’, Spotlight Zimbabwe, can exclusively reveal.

The revelations by well placed military intelligence sources and long-time serving former cabinet ministers, come at a time when the country’s economy is descending into near collapse, with the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority this week, hiking the pump price of diesel and petrol to ZWL$4,89 and ZWL$4,97, respectively. The annual inflation rate in Harare has also soared to 75.86% in April 2019, up from 66.8% in March.

Mnangagwa is said to have been warned by the army in October 2018, to urgently put the country’s economic house in order, as they feared a possible popular uprising over his administration’s new extortionate taxes, uncontrollable price escalations, and growing shortages of fuel, but he has failed to find a breakthrough thus far.

Operation Restore Economy, the sources say is reminiscent of the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy, a military campaign which triggered the demise of former leader Robert Mugabe. The operation started on the 13th of November 2017 and ended on the 18th of December 2017, with Chiwenga and current Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, General Philip Valerio Sibanda, being the main protagonists and masterminds of the ‘smart coup’ which led to Mugabe’s resignation after 37 years in power.

Spotlight Zimbabwe, reported last week that Mnangagwa is due to tender his resignation as the country’s leader in less than twelve months, to avoid a humiliating exit, after failing to resolve Zimbabwe’s economic crisis and suffering an alleged business fallout with powerful securocrats rooting for Chiwenga, to either take over or name a successor to finish off Mnangagwa’s term.

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According to fresh information from the intelligence sources and former ministers, Mnangagwa is keen to save face and resign to avoid humiliation, but a Zanu PF faction supporting his presidency is resisting the move, together with one of his own ministers thought to be “engaging some hostile world powers in secret” to rescue his boss through an emergency economic bailout package, thus the army resorting to launch preparations of the operation, as all indications are that Zimbabwe is unlikely to get any meaningful economic loans, thereby breeding grounds for popular uproar and political instability in the country, if the economy fails to find a new captain altogether.

“The General (Chiwenga) might not be in the best of shape health wise, but an elaborate plan in already on the table to boot Mnangagwa out of power,” one of the sources said in a telephone briefing last night. “What people do not know is that, this army operation code named ‘Restore Economy’ is three- pronged in nature. This means the military has at least three ways and options of making sure that Mnangagwa is gone. The first is a recall by the party, allowing CGNC to replace him in the fashion and manner, the ANC dealt with Jacob Zuma in February 2018; an impeachment parliamentary process over the deteriorating economy; or call for his arraignment in the killing of innocent protesters in August 2018 and early this year.”

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Two former cabinet ministers under Mugabe, one of them having worked in a national security related portfolio some years ago said the army operation against Mnangagwa, has been planned and necessitated also by intelligence reports that one of the powerful ministries in government, is now allegedly involved in “quasi presidential activities” through foreign hands signalling a dangerous capture and threat to national security, without giving further detail.

“Our media perhaps chooses to be blind and passive, but there is a complex political power matrix in our government,” the ex- ministers said. “You guys only focus on the so called cartel inside the country, without a clue about the real usurper. Thanks to our central and military intelligence, we are fairly safe. There is a ministry that has been running around world capitals canvassing political support to enable Mnangagwa to finish his term, and potentially stand for re-election, but that is not going to happen. The army is angry with the foreign interference. You will soon find out more about the hidden faces behind all this.”

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Spotlight Zimbabwe has also gathered that Chiwenga in now in favour of former reserve bank governor, Gideon Gono, to replace Mnangagwa should his health woes continue to trouble him. However the army is believed to prefer an arrangement where Chiwenga takes over the presidency on a transitional basis until 2023, when fresh presidential and parliamentary elections are due.

Gono was first appointed as governor of the central bank in November 2003 because of his reputation as a turnaround specialist, particularly because of his work at the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe. Chiwenga, who is a friend of Gono might be looking at Gono’s background and credentials as the better candidate to attempt an economic revitalisation, where Mnangagwa has failed.
Other contenders being considered include: former defence minister, Sydney Sekeramayi; current defence minister though remote-Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri; former Zanu PF political commissar and local government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere.

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The other emerging dark horses are from within the military camp, and these are foreign affairs minister, Sibusiso Busi Moyo and his counterpart in cabinet lands and agriculture minister, Air Marshal Perence Shiri.

Meanwhile Chiwenga is reportedly back under the knife for the second time in India, where media reports suggest he was airlifted for treatment from the capital late at night on May 18.

Spotlight Zimbabwe, is going to make a full report on Chiwenga’s health woes mystery, and what is really transpiring in the background.

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    Fistly, we hate the nostalgia of racial polarity!

    In truth, if there was a system of leadership, it really wouldn’t matter or scare who is running the country – not really! But alas, fear breads despondency and power corrupts absolutely.


    Maybe we just need to run Zimbabwe like a business, with a vision, mission statement and business plan. entailed in the business plan are 6 principle projects conducted using project management techniques and lock in the results of those projects once complete before moving on to the next 6. The key to cumulative growth in wealth and stability is not the projects per say but the ability to instill discipline in our leaders and in our people whose mindset is always set to ‘hazvishande’ and a self-defeating and self-saboteur programming. How? Law enforcement diligence, branding our national image and managing it like any successful commercial brand with think tanks and business marketing. Most importantly, like has been happening already through privatization of non-performing institutions eg NRZ, NSSA, we decentralization approach to governance is key. don’t worry, factionalism doesn’t get out of hand because the intelligence community will be doing her job, thoroughly through prevention rather than reaction.

    So, what projects are key?

    For immediate functionality; water and drainage/sewer, refuse management, transportation (reduces health care burden, time-use efficiency and increased productivity.)
    For sustained manpower productivity:
    1) Revise banking policies to encourage local projects by indigenous population through loans provision and relaxing old, colonial collateral distinctions. Government loan schemes are ill prepared to punish the people they need votes from once they default payments, so private institution involvement important. Get rid of bank queues and encourage banks to offer better product and services before people feel safe to entrust them with their deposits. here central bank must be serious as should be deposit Protection Scheme institutes and affiliates. Encourage investment into the stock and trading markets, into government bonds and treasury notes and sound employment of revenue for interest growth and wealth protection – as well as increase # vehicles for investment.
    2) Import/export policies must seek to maximize export and less imports. This is for foreign currency reserve generation and this can only happen with point # 3. These foreign currency deposits must not be used randomly but shored up and laser-targeted to a) facilitate completion of key projects b) prepare for urban planning and infrastructure development c) reserves
    3) Revitalize manufacturing and industry: Africans in general, and not through their fault downright, are known for consumption – well for our own good, some delayed gratification may be prudent and industries MUST be opened to increase production; production of foods, medicines, machinery, national currency etc. We must be inventive and seek to indegenise our production, we must master the art of research & development, we must design, build and use our own technologies be they from automobiles, nuts and bolts, nails and needle, bottle and eye-wear, aircraft engines and IT components and internet services, wrist-watches and television sets, radios and transformers, machine oil and bio-desiel, wind-powered turbines and solar panels, pilons and cellular phones, nail polish and museums, artillery and water bottles. Mazoe, Sun jam, madison cigarettes and tanganda are just a few of the successful inventions from zimbabwe but more and much more can be done. Zimbabweans still retain a amazingly high literacy rate but the key is on practicality more than decorate education. Honour our history through making it relevant for current and future generations. Use disruptive technology to promote our culture by disseminating occasion relevant facts, modernise the approach to advertising zimbabwe’s histroy firstly by correcting historical inaccuracies instilled into our minds by former administrators of this country, take into consideration that current non-black africans have as much a right to our current heritage as do native populations, take into considerations that its not tjust black and white anymore but there are white zimbabweans, there are african-american Zimbabweans, there are Japanese-zimbabweans, Chinese-zimbabweans, euro-Zimbabweans, Aussie-zimbabweans, Fiji-zimbabweans, Russian-zimbabweans, Canadian-zimbabweans and even Indian-zimbabweans to mention a few, but we are all Zimbabweans and they all ought to be made to know and feel that they belong and have a right to be here and historians ought to take this into consideration. national pride is not just for one group, but in our modern times, every Zimbabwean soul is a trustee of our heritage and we need each other more than history would have us believe. make this vital reconciliation – the future belongs to us all.

    So what is discipline?

    Monetary disciple, curbing and dominating corruption, instilling ethics that guide the nation to prosperity, delayed gratification is a critical virtue. Teach the populace to protect the environment, use refuse bins (which by now are collected and emptied constantly), use recycled products, not to spit in public or let their children urinate and defecate in public, control alcohol and drug use through campaigns on stress management, promote healthy sexual tendencies through breaking cultural taboos on male and female hygiene and sexual reproduction, monitor and offer counter-offers to media signals promoting promiscuity and unprotected and uninformed sexual behavior, embrace and employ the internet and internet tools to reach wider audiences, destroy bureaucratic tendencies to red-tape and instead of always being hard-handed, try soft power and tolerance BUT with firm insistence, do away with feminist groups bent on destroying sound family ethics through foreign influence and protect the girl-child more from errant, old cultural obligations such as chiramu or kuzvarira and criminal stereotypes justifying mental and physical abuse of the girl child.

    We believe these constitute a good start. In terms of time duration for implementation, results can be visible from as little as 6 months but patience is required especially in altering stereotype attitudes and programming – but very doable. Its OK to compare our economy to others as long as its to foster and gauge our own growth.

    Posted by:
    Remington Chestermaster Investment Group & Consultants

  • For real you have intelligence links because since I have started following your news everything has been unfolding the way you would have predicated.

  • There is no denying that the country’s economic is in serious trouble and the danger of the country becoming unstable is real. Still anyone who thinks that Chiwenga or anyone else from Zanu PF can rescue the economy and still keep the Zanu PF dictatorship is naive and down right foolish.

    Mnangagwa came with his elaborate plan to deceive the world that Zimbabwe was a “new dispensation, a Second Republic” and people should return to the country and invest although he had not changed anything. By rigging last year’s elections he confirmed Zimbabwe was indeed still a pariah state.

    As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thus there will be no meaningful economic recovery.

    The only way out of this mess is for Zanu PF to step down and stop wasting time.

  • Mnangagwa is a decent crook. Now Zimbabweans understand why uncle Bob did not want him as his successor. He has tried to play China, Eurasia and the West and as can be evidently seen he has lost. This is the office of the leader of a country, and not an intelligence organisation. Nobody will miss you. The charges against this poor guy should be upgraded to include treason.

  • Yes these guys in the army are the cause behind the country’s political and economic troubles. Intelligence agencies around the world know this in detail not the smokescreen of zanu pf faces.

  • The junta has no friends, no so called permanent interests. Theirs is a military blood brotherhood. Mugabe is now in exile in Singapore, Mnangagwa must starting planning for life in Belarus.

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