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China’s Xi Jinping invites his point man Mnangagwa to Beijing


President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to undertake a state visit to China, Zimbabwe’s biggest current lender, early this year “to cement economic ties between the two countries,” an official said today.

The Asian giant remains Zimbabwe’s top trading partner, accounting for $365 million worth of imports in 2016.

Through its Export and Import bank, China has also provided several loans to Zimbabwe including $150 million to upgrade the Victoria Falls Airport and $355 million for the expansion of Kariba hydro power plant.

Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping told reporters that Mnangagwa had responded to President Xi Jinping’s invitation but did not disclose the specific dates of the visit.

“We are expecting our two leaders to meet to map out the blueprint of the future development of our two countries,” Ping said.

The visit demonstrated China’s strong willingness to further develop the existing relationship between the two countries, he added.

China was among the first foreign countries, along with Britain, to recognise Mnangagwa’s presidency after a de facto military coup ended former leader Robert Mugabe’s 37-year old rule and deputy foreign secretary Chen Xiaodong to congratulate him after his inauguration.

The trip will be Mnangagwa’s first state visit and first trip out of Africa as Zimbabwe’s new leader.

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  • Zimbabwe has been officially colonised by China now. The Asian powerhouse or powderhouse is not going to easily let go of Harare, due to our country’s geopolitical importance set to become more valuable with time. Everyone out there knows that Zimbabwe is the next best thing, unfortunately her natives will play second fiddle to this prosperity and new economic order, set to be a privilege of the elites and bogus outsiders taking up Zimbabwean residence and citizenship every single minute.

  • China is very cunning a nation. They’re really involved in former leader Mugabe’s ouster and they did it with a smiling assassin’s face. Mnangagwa has literally been summoned to Beijing by the Chinese leader to brief him about the new government and to take further notes and instructions PERIOD.

  • “We are expecting our two leaders to meet to map out the blueprint of the future development of our two countries,” said Ping, China’s ambassador.

    Yeah, we know that China has played a major role in Zimbabwe’s rigged elections in the past; no doubt will be doing the same again this year!