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China, Zimbabwe political elites plundering diamond wealth?

Video Interview

Spotlight Zimbabwe Editor: Itai Mushekwe


Mary-Kate Kahari

Cape Town– Zimbabwe’s massive diamond wealth discovered in Marange, is being plundered by China and the country’s political elites in the ruling Zanu PF government, Spotlight Zimbabwe Editor, Itai Mushekwe, has revealed in a German nationwide television broadcaster 3sat, hitherto not seen in Zimbabwe.

3sat is a public, advertising-free, German-language television network. It is primarily aimed at audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is however available across Europe by satellite.

In the 3 minute interview first broadcast on  26 April 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, has said it is considering building reserves of gold and diamonds to back the eventual relaunch of the country’s own currency. The nation abandoned the Zimbabwe dollar in February 2009 after an economic collapse saw inflation surge to about 500-billion percent, according to the International Monetary Fund, after exports slumped and international lenders had withdrawn lines of credit. This resulted in the central bank printing banknotes with a face value of 100-trillion Zimbabwe dollars, according to a Bloomberg report this week.





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  • The Zanu PF ruling elite have plundered the nation’s diamond wealth for person gain including using the loot to bankroll the party’s vote rigging schemes. Many people believe that Zanu PF will be spending as much as $10 billion on its 2018 elections compared to the $1 million maximum the opposition will spend!

  • Mr Editor keep it up. I have just noticed that this is a 2016 interview and indeed the military has taken over, thus explaining the shadow government mentioned. Mushekwe you’re going to go far insofar as the future of our media in Zimbabwe is concerned. Kudos.