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Chart: Zimbabwe’s Growing Hunger


HARARE, ZIMBABWE - AUGUST 01: Corn is bagged at Ivordale Farm on August 1, 2018 outside Harare, Zimbabwe. Commercial farmer Andrew Pascoe runs the 330-hectare farm east of Harare. His father started the business in the 1950’s. The farm grows wheat mostly, maize and Soya Beans, with a dairy herd of 170 cows, a further 280 for beef, plus a piggery with 1200 animals. Before the land reform ‘initiative’, Mr Pascoe owned 1725 Hectares but was left with only 224, only 60 of which that was arable. He currently runs the 60 hectares of his own land, with the rest falling under a ‘joint venture’ program. In 2000 the then President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, ran a land reform program that aimed to redistribute the farm land mostly owned by white Zimbabweans, to black subsistence farmers. The policy was seen as a disaster, with around 4000 white farmers forcibly removed from their farms, often violently. The policy crippled the agricultural sector and subsequently contributed to the collapse of the economy as those that took over the land lacked the knowledge to run the businesses. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

(Bloomberg) — Zimbabwe’s government is scrambling to increase corn imports as more than 40% of the population don’t have access to enough food after the worst drought in four decades halved the harvest. Strategic grain reserves have dropped to just a month’s supply, far below the 500,000-ton minimum reserves required. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said 110,000 tons of corn, a staple, is needed monthly to “ensure that no one goes hungry,” the Sunday Mail newspaper reported Feb. 9.

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  • What do You think was going to happen ???
    Do You think will anyone will listen to Your lies ??? After Your 40 year murderous blood soaked lying looting fornicating rule ??? You have stolen 4500 farms and ruined them effectively destroying Your OWN Agricultural Economy which in turn ruined Your local Industries. How slow witted do You have to be to think that You can just remove 4500 functioning, nation feeding, employment creating Farms and think everything will just be normal ? You haven’t done a single thing right since 1980 ! Now 40 years later We are on our knees with You clueless Dimwits still pedalling the same lies… You cant even keep Your street lights working but You all manage to drive around in new vehicles build mansions and have Your Medical needs met in every Country except Zimbabwe !
    Now the Country is utterly ruined You want to be bailed out with cash for all Your useless rubbish stupid decisions of these past 40 years !!! The Nation is ruined and broke and You want everyone to forget about all Your bad behaviour and Your bloody murderous record…. The outside World is not stupid…You Dimwits have managed to lose all of Zimbabwe’s wealth with Your ridiculous “Voodoonomics”…Well done on making Zimbabwe another ‘Banana Republic’ !

  • Just like other Southern Africa countries, Zim is facing erratic weather patterns which have severely impacted on food production. Good thing is Govt has upped its grain importation programme to ease the challenge