11-09-17 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

BREAKING:Military Boss General Chiwenga skips to China

Zimbabwe crisis deepens


An uncofirmed report say General Chiwenga is reportedly in China in what is reported to be a medical visit. The General who is  believed to have been a strong ally to the deposed former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa  left Harare for China on Sunday night just after meeting with President Mugabe.

It is the timing of his visit that has sent tongues waging that he could have skipped the country after he realised that Mugabe was determined to purge pro-Mnangagwa supporters with ZANU PF, Government and the military.

Sources tell us that when Gen Chiwenga attended the briefing with President Mugabe on Sunday night he looked fine and in good spirits. He however did not attended the Monday morning JOC  briefing as he had already left the country.

There is no date as to when the General is expected back. It is also perculiar that Robert Mugabe who usually loves to flaunt generals at his rallies did not have a single person from the security services when he attended the solidarity rally today at ZANU PF Headquarters.

There has not been any military comment about the sacking of the VicePresident who is also believed to have sneaked out of the country to evade persecution.

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  • Thank you Spotlight Zimbabwe. At first I thought your publication was Zimbabwe’s version for online yellow political press, but you have proved me wrong. I quite remember reading your Mnangagwa and Chiwenga exclusive stories last year, but most of it is happening now in real life. You’re ahead guys.

  • All this chaos could have been avoided if President Mugabe had not sort to hang on to power at all cost – the cost is now proving to be too costly to Zanu PF and the nation!