02-06-17 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Russia’s Putin advances on Zimbabwe

Publishing on 13.02.2017

As is now becoming our punch journalism trademark, Spotlight Zimbabwe, will this Friday break an important under the radar story that has been shaping behind the scenes between Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and the Zimbabwean government, as Harare’s geopolitics take quiet political tectonic shifts with Moscow.

Spotlight Zimbabwe’s Special Investigations Unit

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  • President Mugabe did not win the 2013 elections, he rigged the vote and that is a totally different matter. He could not have done it without the active support of Zimbabwe’s opposition, MDC had the chance to implement the democratic reforms that would have stopped the vote rigging but failed to get even one reform in place in five years of the GNU.

    The opposition’s incompetence is a curse the nation must get rid of first in the nation is ever to end the Zanu PF dictatorship! The opposition is now working in cahoots with the dictatorship by participating in elections knowing the vote will be rigged, they are doing so for the sake of the few seats the regime gives away as bait to the opposition!