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Belarus slowly taking over parts of Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa?

Mary-Kate Kahari Zimbabwe Editor

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Belarus has become the first foreign nation to be allocated virgin land by Zimbabwe, following Mnangagwa’s tour of Eurasia in January 2019, where he established a new economic cooperation with Minsk, centered on agriculture and the supply of agricultural equipment by Belarus to Harare.
According to Belarus Segodnya, a daily newspaper, Belarus has received 10 000 hectares of land for agricultural production in Zimbabwe. The agro-industrial holding run by the Office of Belarus President will begin large-scale production of meat and dairy products in Zimbabwe soon. Experts from Minsk are already now in Harare to select the plots of land, test the soil and identity the type of fertilizers needed. Belarus and its team of investors have indicated an interest to developing the 10 000 hectares of land in the Kanyemba area, Mbire District. Kanyemba is in the province of Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe, and is located on the south bank of the Zambezi river at the extreme northernmost point of Zimbabwe at the meeting point of the Zimbabwean, Mozambican and Zambian borders.
Furthermore, the Belarusians plan to build a state of the art dairy farm in Zimbabwe for an initial 1000 cows by the end of 2020. The cattle will be partially brought from New Zealand, and simultaneously, a meat and milk processing line will be launched. Zimbabwe used to produce about 260 million litres of milk in the early 1990s, but the figure has dropped to only 70 million litres of raw milk in recent times against a national demand of 120 million litres.
In May last year, Belarus also pledged to supply Zimbabwe with 474 tractors. Mnangagwa’s government in the same month said it is expecting a delivery of 1 674 tractors (including those from Belarus) in the next three months from foreign manufacturers as part of efforts to mechanise agriculture and boost productivity. The tractors are expected to benefit smallholder and large-scale farmers.
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  • Food shortages in Belarus

    The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, threatened to sack government officials if they fail to act to end the country’s acute food shortage.

    Speaking on television, Mr Lukashenko said officials who were unable to prevent the hoarding of staple goods would be fired.

    Earlier in the week, the government imposed rationing of milk, meat and other goods, and Mr Lukashenko urged officials to replenish food stores without raising prices.

    Belarus still has a rigid Soviet style economy and has suffered from the economic crisis in Russia, its main trading partner and we bring them in as food producers?

  • This Government of these past 40 Years So Corrupt so Short Sighted and plain stupid …incapable of investing in their own people !
    They Prostitute Zimbabwe to anyone and everyone who will give them a cash fix that they run off and spend while the Nation slips further into poverty !
    They are an utter disgrace…not qualified to run a nation !
    Lacking in empathy… a pack of lying, looting, fornicating imbeciles !
    They are not fit to rule and NEVER WERE !