07-22-19 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

Africans “HATE” the truth! This is Our Downfall!

Dr. Mumbi Show

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  • “Wake up Africa!” and then goes on to give the same Pan African rhetoric than tyrants like Mugabe have relied on to hide his incompetence, corruption and tyranny. Zimbabwe has just had yet another rigged elections and I would like to hear Dr Mumbi condemn Zanu PF, SADC and AU for failing to deliver this basic and fundamental human right.

    Tell us what we should hear and not what we want to hear! What is the point of telling us we “hate” to hear the truth and then tell us more rhetorical nonsense!

  • True the truth will set us free but the corollary is equally true that ignorance will enslave us. This platform has been regurgitating the same old arguments encouraging Africans to blame everyone us for our own problems. She is just encouraging us to bury our heads in the sand when what we need is hold the mirror so we can see who is really to blame for us suffering – us.

    We need to start thinking in a rational way and stop this idiotic mentality of deny we have doing fine and the fault lies with everyone else, especially the West!