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‘90% Of Wines Sold In Zim Uncertified, Potentially Harmful’


A Zimbabwean winemaker claims that about 90 per cent of wine sold in Zimbabwe is uncertified and therefore potentially a threat to the health of imbibers.

Joseph Tongai Dhafana said that he is a wine judge and is bound to know. In a recent interview with New Zimbabwe, Dhafana said:

I have been going around the country and almost 90 per cent of the wines sold in Zimbabwe are uncertified wine. I am a wine judge I am bound to know.

The beverage managers and procurement officers should not buy uncertified wines. I know they do that for business but it can only thrive if you have better customers.

If you buy stuff which can kill your customers, what are you going to do in future and it will also have an impact in terms of wine appreciation?

… If the wine is not certified in South Africa, that should mean it is faulty somewhere and just because we do not have money, we cannot allow anyone to just dump stuff in here.

Dhafana joined Team SA that went on to win the 2015 South African Wine Tasting Championship.

He is the founder of Mosi Wines.

New Zimbabwe

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