02-14-18 by Spotlight Zimbabwe

2018 Election: 5.3m Zimbabweans registered to vote


About 5.3 million Zimbabweans have registered to vote in the upcoming elections scheduled for mid-2018, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said on Tuesday.

The figures released by the electoral body showed that 5,310,734 people had registered to vote since the exercise began in September 2017.

However, the electoral body said the figure was provisional as it has yet to undergo verification and de-duplication.

Zimbabwe started biometric voter registration in September in 63 district centres across the country, followed by a mobile voter registration blitz in October, which ended in December but was extended by another month until February 8.

While mobile voter registration has closed, registration is still continuing at the 63 district centres until a few weeks before the vote.

The Commission said registration was affected by power shortages and heavy rains that made it difficult for some registrants to go and register.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the presidential candidate for the ruling ZANU-PF in the forthcoming polls, has pledged to hold credible, free and fair elections.

He came to power in November 2017 after the resignation of former president Robert Mugabe.


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  • Many people had lamented the late start of the BVR registration exercising saying it would be impossible to register the expected 7 million voters from scratch. Time has proven them right. ZEC has managed to register 5.3 million voters and thus 1.7 million, 24.3% of the expected voters, have already been denied the vote before voting has even begun!
    There other problem will be that ZEC will not have time to down load the data produce the draft voters’ roll and send it off to all the polling stations for cross-checking and verification by the voters. Make all the corrections and then produce the final voters’ roll a month before voting, as is required by law. The elections are due in August, at the very latest, that is five months away. Even with all the political willing and all the man-power and resources, ZEC will NOT produce a verifiable voters’ roll for this year’s elections.
    President Mnangagwa has known about ZEC’s very late registration start, 14 September 2017 – should very started January 2015 at the very latest – he has the Minister of Justice and ZEC was his responsibility. So, his promise to hold free and fair elections is already untenable since 24.3% are being denied the vote and will become an impossible promise to fulfil when it is confirmed ZEC has failed to produce a verifiable voters’ roll!